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Grocers Win Moms with Reward Programs and Convenience

Targeting moms can be a good way for grocers and other specialty food stores to attract long-term, steady shoppers. Lately, moms have found two big reasons to shop for food basics and to do more cooking at home. These consumers are looking for ways to save money and they want to feed their families healthy and delicious meals. A new survey by Bohan sheds light on how moms plan to spend the family food budget for the rest of 2010.

Healthy Consumers Shop More Frequently, Spend More

Health-aware consumers tend to shop more frequently and spend slightly more than consumers who are less concerned about health, according to Nielsen analysis of National Marketing Institute (NMI) data. When it comes to health beliefs and practices, the NMI found that people fit into one of five distinct segments that inform their shopping and buying decisions. Preferred channels for health-conscious consumer segments include grocery stores, which offer the widest variety of fresh and organic products; drug stores, where they can find medications as well as dietary supplements, and warehouse club stores known for outstanding value but limited offerings on the food and drug fronts.

Recession Continuing to Impact Purchases at the Meat Department

The fifth edition of Power of Meat, a study released recently by the American Meat Institute and the Food Marketing Institute, has found that the recession is continuing to impact food purchasing and consumption behavior, including the meat department. While the volume of meat consumed in 2009 was up significantly, dollars were lagging as shoppers opted for cheaper cuts and prices dropped during the year, the study said. Sixty-two percent of shoppers who saw a significant drop in household income have altered their meat shopping. More customers are also cooking at home versus eating out, leading to an increase in meat purchases at supermarkets and other retail outlets.

Women Flock To Private Grocery Brands, Yet Remain Unsure Which Retailer Sells Which Brands

In recent years, price-sensitive grocery shoppers have decided that private label brands are as tasty and possess the same quality as national brands. But do they know which stores sell the various private label brands? The low levels of awareness for such food brands suggest they often don’t, according to “Women’s Retail Brand Awareness: Private Label Fashion, Food & Storewide Brands,” a proprietary study of 305 women shoppers in the United States conducted by EPM Communications, the parent company of Marketing to Women. Often, womens’ preconceived notions about stores contribute to their errors in identifying which retailers carry which private labels.

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