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12 Health Care Trends Expected for 2016

"As the nation’s health system continues to move from fee-for-service to a value-based model, community pharmacy will continue to move steadily from just a dispenser of prescriptions to more of a retail health care model, with a growing focus on pharmacy service and a growing reliance on the front-end of the store to drive profitability."

Americans Need More Info about Health Insurance, Coverage Options

Approximately four in 10 Americans (38%) would rather pay a fine than buy health insurance, however, most Americans are confused regarding the penalty amounts. According to a new insuranceQuotes​.com report, almost six in 10 falsely believe that senior citizens over the age of 65 are exempt. As health care reform unfolds, health insurance marketers should continue to educate consumers on the importance of coverage and encourage consumers to lower their health risks.

Outlook for Digital Pharma and Healthcare Ad Spending is Muted

Pharmaceutical firms and other healthcare vendors are often mentioned as rising stars for the ad industry. But are these marketers missing the digital media boat? New research from eMarketer shows that healthcare marketers are proceeding cautiously with their digital media outlay.

Telehealth Expected to Continue Steady Growth, Reach 1.8M Patients by 2017

Telehealth is expected to reach 1.8 million patients around the world by 2017, according to a new report by healthcare market research firm IHS. Telehealth patients are remotely monitored by healthcare providers for a variety of health conditions and concerns. The main drivers of demand are expected to be the federal government; providers looking to improve care quality; payers looking to increase competitiveness; and patients, particularly those living in areas with poor availability of clinics and physicians.

Medication Marketers to Focus on Pill Color and Shape

Marketers have long known that a medication’s color and shape can sway consumer choice. Consumers form a bond with medications that they believe are helping them and they are suspicious when pills suddenly come in a different color or size. These beliefs have implications for marketers who may be updating an existing medication or rolling out generic brands.

Pharma and Healthcare to Be Fastest-Growing Online Ad Vertical

Earlier this year, PricewaterhouseCoopers predicted that increases in online ad spending would be driven by activity in the tech sector as well as retail. As we move through 2012, with online ad revenue growing a solid 14% over last year, pharma and healthcare appears to be the most active vertical. And, marketers preferences for specific formats show that we can expect more interest in performance-based pricing.

Hospitals to Promote Ratings on Bariatric Surgery Outcomes

Once considered a radical procedure, bariatric surgery has now become more commonplace and is a lifesaving technique for many patients. The industry has been measuring the outcomes of these procedures and grading hospitals. As a result, both hospitals and surgeons are likely to be promoting their success with weight-loss surgery in order to attract more patients.

Most Patients Want to Self-Manage Healthcare Online

The vast majority of patients (90%) want to self-manage their healthcare leveraging technology, such as accessing medical information, refilling prescriptions and booking appointments online, but nearly half (46%) are unaware if their health records are available electronically, according to a new survey by Accenture. The survey showed that patients prefer to use mobile devices, the Internet and email for accessing and managing several key aspects of their own healthcare.

Healthcare Providers, Clinics Promoting Vaccinations and Immunizations

Just when we thought the season for vaccinations and shots, especially for the flu, was over, there’s alarming news from medical experts. Diseases that many of us thought had been conquered are showing up again because consumers have not been diligent about vaccinations. As a result, more health care providers and medical clinics will be aggressively promoting the importance of keeping vaccinations current, especially for children.

Healthcare Marketers to Shift from Social Media to Social Business Strategy

Healthcare marketers, especially pharmaceutical companies, have a love-hate relationship with social media. Consumers have made searching and talking about health problems one of the top online categories. But healthcare providers have been hesitant about engaging in social media because of privacy concerns and the need to provide full disclosure with respect to medication.

Pharmaceuticals to Shift Marketing Emphasis from Community Physicians to Healthcare Organizations

Pharmaceutical marketers acknowledge there are changes afoot regardless of the outcome of the current case before the Supreme Court regarding nationalized health care. The results of recent high-profile studies in this sector indicate that pharma companies intend to change who they are marketing to and how they carry out these programs on the professional advertising front.

Pharma Marketing Budgets To Focus on Emerging Majorities

Patients come up with many reasons for not taking their medications. And when the patient is from a different cultural background, he or she may have suspicions about details ranging from the color and size of pills to the kind of liquid they've been prescribed. These hesitations on the part of ethnic consumers mean they are not filling subscriptions so pharma companies plan to improve their marketing to these demographic groups.

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