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Retailers to Promote Fall-Prevention Products and Services to Seniors

"Every 11 seconds in the U.S., an older adult ends up in an emergency room due to a fall, according to Consumer Reports. 'It’s the leading cause of accidental death in the elderly,' says Cathleen Colón-Emeric, M.D., chief of geriatrics at the Duke University School of Medicine. Falls can result in a variety of injuries, including hip fractures and head trauma, which can have lasting consequences."

Promoting Slow Cookers Through Healthy Eating Desires

"Nutritionists advise preparing more of your meals at home, and for good reason: Doing so raises the nutritional quality of your diet, according to Consumer Reports. Studies have shown that home cooking fans may get more fruits and vegetables and less sodium and unhealthy fats than those who dine out, or do take out, frequently. And they tend to weigh less and have a lower risk of type 2 diabetes, too."

Athletic Footwear Retailers to Promote New Styles to Boost Health For Walkers

"Regular exercise is probably the best prescription for healthy aging, reports Consumer Reports. But fewer than 1 in 5 adults 65 or older gets the minimum recommended amount."

Caregivers Seek Home Medical Services for Cognitively-Challenged Patients

The growing number of adults caring for family members in the home points to an increased need for home health services. A new report published by the Public Policy Institute and the United Hospital Fund (UHF) details the millions of people with serious mental illness, cognitive conditions and chronic physical problems who are being cared for at home.

39% of Allergy Patients Comfortable with Virtual Physician Consultation

Everyone knows that in-person visits with a physician are expensive. But, when it comes to healthcare, would consumers be comfortable with a virtual visit? A new Harris Interactive poll shows that for some patients with specific medical conditions, the virtual visit is an acceptable substitute for the trek to the doctor’s office.

Parents Seeking Childcare Centers That Mandate Full Vaccination

Few things are more important to parents of young children than their health. When new parents are shopping for daycare or childcare centers, they are likely to consider a number of factors, including the steps owners take to maintain a healthy environment. A new University of Michigan poll from the C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital reveals

Walking for Fitness is the Most Popular Crossover Activity

Public health officials are eager to get Americans up on their feet and moving. An active lifestyle is associated with better health and lower medical costs. The 2014 Outdoor Recreation Participation study describes which consumers are engaging in the most exercise and which activities are most popular.

HIIT, Kids' Programs to Remain Popular Health Club Offerings

According to Jill Brown, a fitness expert who blogs for Huffington Post, health clubs will be rolling out a number of new initiatives to stay competitive and attract members.

Personalized Protein Sources in Demand

Consumers are seeking more information on alternatives to meat as part of a desire to eat healthier. Acosta Sales & Marketing reports consumers are eating less meat and more supplements. However, older consumers are more concerned about the cost of alternative products while younger consumers are focused on the health benefits.

Sleepless in America

Whether it’s the constant attachment to always-on mobile devices or extra hours spent in front of the TV at night, something’s keeping U.S. consumers from their sleep. The Gallup poll reports that we’re getting about 1 hour less sleep than we were in the 1940s.

More Consumers Call for Labeling of GMO Foods

Consumers remain keenly focused on food safety. For many, genetically modified (GMO) foods are a concern. The latest research from BlueShiftIdeas shows that a growing number of consumers want GMO foods to be clearly labeled.

Drug Store Shoppers Seek Pharmacist Interaction

The business environment for drug stores is growing more competitive as consumers discover a wider variety of options for purchasing their prescription medications. Shoppers are likely to consider alternatives like online solutions or discount stores when it’s time to fill a prescription. But a new survey from J.D. Power shows that drug stores can increase sales by following one simple strategy.

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