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Prepare 27% of Buyers for Holiday Rush

Melin­da Krueger gives some step-by-step advice for get­ting your retail­ers ahead of the hol­i­day shop­ping rush by using mobile mes­sag­ing. We know that 27% of con­sumers already buy things from their mobile devices, so why wouldn't your local adver­tis­ers want to bump that up by tar­get­ing mobile shop­pers with hol­i­day cam­paigns?

32% Bought Something on Cyber Monday

As you begin to pre­pare for the 2015 hol­i­day sea­son, LYONSCG has 5 trends to share that will be impor­tant in dri­ving sales growth for your adver­tis­ers this year. No. 1: Mobile ‰ÛÒ In 2014, com­Score reports mobile com­merce jumped 28% to $31.6 bil­lion, out­pac­ing desk­top which grew by 13% to $236.9 bil­lion.