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Do Your Clients Know These Secrets About Black Friday Email Marketing Success?

Is it too early to send out email marketing campaigns for the 2019 holiday season? Yes. But it’s not too early to help your clients plan their holiday email marketing strategy.

62% of Americans Plan Cookouts for the 4th of July

“Americans were expected to spend $6.9 billion on food for Fourth of July cookouts and picnics in 2018, according to the annual survey released by the National Retail Federation and Prosper Insight & Analytics. That’s the second-highest amount in the history of the survey and per-person spending is up.”

New study helps small business defend against big retailer mini-stores, online shopping

SalesFuel’s Small Business Saturday free white paper offers new insights to help businesses prepare for Nov. 26 Small Business Saturday this year is November 26 and in advance of it, SalesFuel is releasing its free white paper “Small Business Saturday Shoppers 2016: Helping Small Businesses Compete with Big-Box and Online Giants.” In it, SalesFuel uses

Google Says Consumers Will Research Early, Buy Later for the Holidays

Consumers are already purchasing and buying gifts for the upcoming holidays. A significant amount of this activity takes place online so marketers who don’t have their digital presence updated should make that task their top priority. Google’s analysis of shoppers behavior suggests that while researching will take place all season long, at least 8% of consumers don’t complete their purchases until after Christmas which means that online ad spending should align with busy shopping days.

Retailers Cementing Omnichannel Strategies Now for Holiday Season

As multichannel shoppers spend more, retailer are gearing up for the crucial holiday shopping season by cementing omnichannel strategies. eMarketer expects more than one-fifth (23.7%) of the $262.3 billion in U.S. retail ecommerce sales forecast for all of 2013 to occur in November and December. One of the key benefits of adopting an omnichannel strategy will be that it sidelines concerns over showrooming.

New Video! Big-Ticket Holiday Shopping, Online Shopping Research, Black Friday & Other Promotions

The 3rd quarter edition of the Ad-ology Marketing Forecast focuses on holiday shoppers from the Ad-ology AudienceSCAN Reports. http://youtu.be/MudOMuj6WpU SCRIPT: Hello everyone… and welcome to the Third Quarter 2013 edition of the Ad-ology Marketing Forecast. [LEAD SEGMENT – BIG-TICKET SHOPPERS] People are already starting to think about the holidays, specifically holiday shopping. Big-ticket items such

Online Shoppers Have List of Wants for Holiday Shopping

A new eHoliday study reveals what is most important to consumers when considering online shopping for the holidays. The eHoliday 2012 study ranks items on a scale of 1 (not at all important) to 5 (very important). The ability to see the shopping cart total prior to checkout and guaranteed on-time delivery are at the top of the list.

Online Marketing to Jump for Holidays

Retailers have purchased their inventory for the holiday season. Now, they need to optimize their advertising expenditures to grow sales in both online and bricks-and- mortar stores. To do so, retailers will rely more than ever on online holiday marketing this year.

Coupons to Play Bigger Role in 2012 Holiday Shopping Season

The early reports suggest that consumers will be opening their wallets a little wider this year for the holidays. But, they will also be looking for deals. Retailers who want to score early sales should know that they’ll need to roll out their marketing campaigns now capture the business of consumers who are already shopping.

Consumer Intent to Personalize Gifts Will Guide Marketer Strategies

Add Deloitte to the list of prognosticators who see a bright side to this year’s holiday shopping season. The firm recently published its 26th annual survey on the topic. Not surprisingly, Deloitte’s forecast supports what others have been saying about digital and mobile trends. But the forecast includes a few surprises.

More Shoppers to Look for Newspaper/Circular Coupons This Holiday Season

Several research firms have surveyed U.S. consumers about their attitudes going into the holiday season. For the most part, the news is better than it was last year. Retailers can look forwarded to a slight increase in sales when compared to 2009. But consumers will not be shopping like they did earlier in the decade. According to new research from SymphonyIRI Group, a significant majority of shoppers will be developing a budget and looking for promotions and coupons to help them stay within that budget.

The Toy Insider Releases “Hot 20” Picks for 2009 Holiday Season

Retailers are looking for ways to boost revenue after last year’s disappointing holiday shopping season. This year parents again will look for bargains and toy manufacturers are responding with lower prices. The Toy Insider’s recently released “Hot 20” list of toys all retail for under $100; half of the toys retail for $30 or less. Toys based on movie and television properties will be popular this holiday, as will toys that connect to virtual worlds on the Internet.