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Consumers To Increase Holiday Spending by 4% This Year

Consumers are feeling good about the economy and about their personal financial situation. The average shopper will spend about $1,047.83 on holiday gifts this year.

62% of Americans Plan Cookouts for the 4th of July

"Americans were expected to spend $6.9 billion on food for Fourth of July cookouts and picnics in 2018, according to the annual survey released by the National Retail Federation and Prosper Insight & Analytics. That's the second-highest amount in the history of the survey and per-person spending is up."

Affluent Consumers Often Outspend Holiday Gifting Estimates

Affluent households are expecting to spend approximately $2,175 on holiday gifts in 2013, down slightly from 2012. However, affluent households spent in 2012 almost 7% more than they had anticipated in the 2012 survey, supporting the premise that people often tend to spend more for gifts than they had planned.

New Products to Boost Holiday Spending on CE

Holiday spending on consumer electronics is expected to increase 2.6% this year, down from 4% growth in 2012. Seventy-four percent of consumers planning to purchase gifts this holiday season intend to buy CE as gifts, allocating 33% of their overall holiday gift budgets to CE, according to a new survey. Tablets will top CE gift wish lists this year for adults and video gaming consoles for teens.