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93 Million Americans Want to Give Meal Kits a Try

"The meal kit market is quickly evolving from nearly exclusively online and subscription-based, home delivery services to on-demand availability in-store and online. Consumers are trying out the different ways to purchase meal kits, with over a quarter of recent users purchasing kits both in-store, including restaurants, and online, finds The NPD Group. While meal kit marketers and meal kit users are experimenting to find the right fit, there is a large group of consumers, 93 million, who have never tried a meal kit but are interested in giving them a try, which points to a market opportunity, according to NPD’s What’s Next for Meal Kits report."

38% of Consumers Plan to Cook More Meals at Home

"Around the globe, people are more likely to think that their access to healthy and quality food will increase in the future, but that it will come at a price, according to a new Global Advisor survey from Ipsos. Those surveyed are more than twice as likely to say that the costs of food will get worse in the future than believe it will improve."

Women Focused on Healthy Eating, Serving More Home-Cooked Meals to Save Money

Better Homes and Gardens magazine recently released its 2010 Food Factor survey, conducted among more than 3,600 women across the U.S. In the new survey, Better Homes and Gardens identifies key trends relating to American women's decision-making process when it comes to topics such as eating at home, convenience, and organic food shopping. The majority of women (52%) are still very concerned about the cost of food today and employ a wide variety of strategies to combat rising food prices. Most commonly, they eat out less often (64%), stock up on bargains (62%), use a shopping list (61%) and use cents-off coupons (60%).