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Retailers to Promote Grocery Delivery Services

"Consumer Reports' 2018 Supermarkets Survey revealed 3,043 of its members who responded to its survey used online grocery delivery services. Those consumers represent 7% of the 75,065 members surveyed by Consumer Reports Survey Research Department for its grocery stores ratings."

84% of Grocery Shoppers Use Circulars Weekly

More consumers are now counting on their grocers to offer prepared meals and home delivery. While shoppers still rely on circulars, they’re also using technology to stay connected with their favorite stores.

Consumers Seeking More Online Shopping Options for Frequently-Used Food, Household Products

A new study reveals an unmet demand for online shopping options, particularly for in-store pickup and at-home delivery. While 14% of shoppers surveyed currently buy consumer products online and pick them up in the store, 43% indicate they would like to do so, with strongest demand appearing in food and beverage categories for in-store pickup. Consumers are drawn to the convenience of purchasing frequently-used food, beverage and household items online.