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Homeowners Insurance Sellers to Boost Sales Through Educational Advertising

"If you're get­ting a mort­gage for your new home, your lender will require home­own­ers insur­ance, says Con­sumer Reports. And even if you're among the rare home buy­ers pur­chas­ing with­out a mort­gage, you still should get home­own­ers insur­ance to pro­tect against cost­ly per­ils like fire and wind dam­age."

Insurance Companies Can Attract New Client by Advertising Discounts to Homeowners Who Make These Improvements

"With home-improvement sea­son in full swing, this is the time of year when you might make upgrades that can pro­tect your home from bur­glar­ies, fires, and storms, such as hur­ri­canes and tor­na­does. Accord­ing to Con­sumer Reports, if you take steps to make your home safer, your home­own­ers insur­ance com­pa­ny could reward you with a pre­mi­um dis­count, depend­ing on what you've done."