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Restaurants Can Boost Sales by Pushing Promotions through Apps

A new report titled Get Appy: Do Consumers Use Restaurant & Hotel Branded Apps revealed that a majority of global consumers (57%) have used or are using mobile applications to engage with hospitality operators. The study of 15,000 consumers across Europe, Latin America, Asia-Pacific and North America revealed that of the 23% that have at least one restaurant or hotel branded app on their mobile device, 70% are using them at least once a week. Increased app engagement across global consumers creates new opportunities to personalize service, incentives and menu offerings and highlights the need for modern food and beverage technology to deliver more meaningful guest experiences.

78% Look at Hotel Reviews Half the Time

SurveyMonkey unveiled its 2015 Hospitality Consumer Report, revealing some interesting trends in the lodging and dining industries. Consumers surveyed were most likely to both travel and stay in hotels 1-3 times every 12 months. Consumers check 4 websites before making hotel reservations