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Manage Smarter 55: Workplace Humor Minefield — Do's and Don'ts

Scott Dikkers is the founder of TheOnion​.com, The AV Club and the #1 New York Times bestselling author of "How To Write Funny." He's also been named to TIME magazine's Top 50 "Cyber Elites" alongside Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and George Lucas. In this episode, we discuss: how workplace humor can be a danger area;
the 11 different kinds of jokes and literary devices; and the difference between creatives and non-creatives spheres in the workplace.

Don't Dread Cold Calls, Laugh Them Off.

You will no longer dread the dreaded cold call after you read this column several hundred thousand times.

Sales Reps: How to Hone Your Sense of Humor

My suggestions for improving your sense of humor: First, find out what your strong suit is, humor-wise. Ask a friend who’ll be honest with you.

Humor and Timing of Social Media Content Releases Growing More Important

Analysts talk about the importance of reaching consumers across multiple channels with consistent branding and promotional messages. However, there’s one format that demands a different strategy. Marketers who want their content to be shared or to go viral on social media should incorporate humor and they should also pay attention to which day of the week they release their new promotions.

Marketers Striving to Make New Product Ads Funny or Sexy

Marketers work hard to make sure their advertising hits the mark. This is especially true during high-profile events like the Super Bowl when a significant percentage of the audience is watching the programming specifically to enjoy the ads. Not all of the ads succeed though, and an in-depth study on what consumers expect sheds more light on this topic and may help marketers craft their pitch for the next time around.

More Humor to Come in Online Advertising

Earlier today, I noted that consumers surveyed by Adobe enjoy storytelling in advertising. It turns out that humor in advertising can give a marketer an edge over the competition, too. This is true especially for advertisers who target U.S. consumers with online ads.