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Consumers Want More Green Car Options; Driven by Economic Incentive

Consumers say they want to see more alternative-fueled vehicles on the road over the next decade, and they are willing to consider purchasing one themselves, according to a new survey. Consumers who are open to purchasing these “green” vehicles are heavily motivated by the economic incentive, with two in three consumers saying their switch to an alternative-fuel vehicle would be driven primarily by economic enticements, not environmental concerns.

Interest in Hybrid Vehicles on the Rise

Recently, the 100,000th plug-in vehicle was sold in the U.S. While hybrid sales only account for a small percentage of annual sales, analysts predict continued growth for the sector. Sales will be buoyed by rising fuel prices as well as more electric and hybrid models to choose from as more manufacturers produce battery-propelled vehicles of one kind or another.

Consideration for Hybrid Vehicles Rising; Consumer Education is Key to Adoption

As the automotive industry continues to develop alternative powertrain vehicles, consumer consideration for these vehicles is on the rise. However, consumers still have questions about these technologies. In order for wider adoption to occur, considerable consumer education needs to take place, and automakers need to enhance the value proposition. According to a new Harris Interactive survey, younger buyers, aged 18-34, are far more likely to consider new technologies at market price.

Consumers Willing to Spend More on Autos, More Likely to Purchase Hybrids if Carpool-Lane Stickers Available

According to a new Kelley Blue Book Market Intelligence Study, since the end of the CARS 2009 program (commonly referred to as ‘Cash for Clunkers’), in-market car shoppers have indicated they are once again delaying the purchase of a new vehicle. However, the price consumers are considering paying for a new car has significantly increased in the month since the CARS 2009 program ended. In September 2009, shoppers said they would be willing to spend an average of $27,271 on their next new car, up from August 2009 when they said they would spend an average of $25,600. In addition, a majority (55%) of car shoppers said they would be more likely to consider buying a hybrid if they could get a carpool-lane sticker.