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Retailers to Advertise Ice Cream Alternatives to Consumers Wanting to Eat Healthier

"Ice cream is one of America’s most popular desserts, reports Consumer Reports. Almost 90% of people surveyed by the market research firm Mintel said they had purchased it in the previous six months. As a cool finale to a Memorial Day cookout or a special sidekick to go with apple pie, it’s hard to beat. For health-conscious eaters, though, the high fat, sugars, and calorie counts prevent ice cream from being a regular snack, even during the dog days of summer."

Frozen Yogurt Gaining on Ice Cream Sales

While ice cream is the leading frozen treat in the ice cream and frozen novelty market, frozen yogurt is quickly picking up steam. Due largely to new product releases that are spurred by consumer interest in health and the popularity of yogurt offerings in the foodservice arena, frozen yogurt sales saw a 74% increase between 2011–13, a monumental increase compared to the minimal 3.9% increase of ice cream.

Ice Cream/Frozen Novelty Market Poised for Continued Growth

According to recent Mintel research, in 2011, the ice cream and frozen novelty market emerged from two years of struggling sales and posted a 4.1% increase from the previous year (retail sales of $10.7 billion) and is poised for continued growth of another 4% in 2012. Aside from flavor, price is the key factor in a consumer’s decision on what to purchase. New product development will play a large role in the continued success of the ice cream market in the coming years.

U.S. Ice Cream Market Tops $25 Billion, Continuing to Grow

According to Packaged Facts, sales of ice cream topped $25.1 billion in 2011, up 2.4% over 2010. Within the retail mass market for packaged products, packaged ice cream is the largest category, accounting for 55% of total retail sales, followed by frozen novelties at 36%. Innovative and differentiated products are also gaining favor among consumers.

Ice Cream/Frozen Desserts Market to Reach $27B by 2014

The U.S. market for ice cream and related frozen desserts (including frozen yogurt and frozen novelties) increased 2% to reach $25 billion in 2009, despite a recessionary climate that significantly affected frozen dessert sales, according to a new report by Packaged Facts. Since the onset of the current downturn, both packaged frozen dessert marketers and foodservice operators have used a wide variety of discounts and deals to keep volume sales up and appeal to cost-conscious consumers. Sustaining such strategies is expected to be essential to the future of this mature market, which Packaged Facts forecasts will achieve sales of $27 billion by 2014.