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These Compensation Program Features Will Motivate Your Reps

Did you know the average sales manager hopes to grow revenue by 6% this year? And, about 57% of sales managers believe they can make their goal in 2019.

These Fresh Incentive Ideas Will Drive Rep Engagement and Sales

Has it been a while since you updated your incentive system? Or maybe some of your reps seem a little less excited about what they’re doing these days.

Are Your Employees Gaming Your Incentive System?

To make a splash in the marketplace, businesses will often establish a compensation system that rewards salespeople to take huge risks in exchange for the chance to earn huge sums. Research published in Kellogg Insight also associates these kinds of compensation models with the recent near collapse of our financial systems.

Marketers to Seek Feedback with $25 Rewards

Marketers spend a lot of advertising money to convince consumers to try their products and services. Before they get to that point, they’ve likely considered using focus groups or another method to entice consumers to give feedback on a new product release. Whether marketers want consumers to provide feedback on a new or an existing product, they should understand the strategies and incentives that motivate people.