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Pharma Marketing Budgets To Focus on Emerging Majorities

Patients come up with many reasons for not taking their medications. And when the patient is from a different cultural background, he or she may have suspicions about details ranging from the color and size of pills to the kind of liquid they've been prescribed. These hesitations on the part of ethnic consumers mean they are not filling subscriptions so pharma companies plan to improve their marketing to these demographic groups.

Smartphones to Spur Mobile Coupon Use

Could 2011 be the year that mobile coupons reach critical mass? Recent data shows that 28% of consumers now have smartphones. At the same time, over half (54%) of recently surveyed retailers say that within the next year, they’ll be delivering coupons to mobile phones.

Competition Heats Up in Quick-Serve Breakfast Market

Consumers may not exactly be crowding into restaurants these days. But some industry operators are looking to expand the breakfast day part in order to boost the bottom line. Scarborough Research recently published a study on this topic that reveals some surprising information about who eats breakfast at quick-serve establishments and which forms of advertising really reach this crowd.

Marketing to Older Consumers Via Online Media Grows More Important

Marketers who want to reach consumers where they are spending the most time have known for a while that the Internet is the place to be. It turns out that having an Internet presence is especially important for marketers who want to target older consumers as well. One survey shows that women between the ages 18 to 34 feel so connected to the rest of the world, they fall asleep on occasion while holding their PDAs or check Facebook right away every day. But a look at the numbers of consumers who say they’d feel disconnected if they didn’t have access to a smartphone or netbook tells a bigger story.

Trustworthiness of Display Ad Channel Concerns Pharma Marketers

Pharmaceutical marketers continue to be cautious when it comes to online formats. These marketers know the feds are watching – just last week AstraZeneca agreed to a $520 million fine for marketing Seroquel without adequately informing patients and doctors about side effects. Incidents like this make pharma marketers worry about inadvertent exposure when placing display ads.

Competition in Managed Print Services Industry to Spur Marketing

Printer manufacturers have taken a page from the playbook used by other technology vendors. First they sell hardware to clients and then they roll out their managed services to help clients use the hardware efficiently and streamline a business process. A new study by IDC MarkstScape points to growing competition in the managed print services (MSP) industry.

Auto Makers May Resume Diversity Marketing as Economy Improves

In the past decade, automakers broadened their strategy to reach ethnic audiences. Manufacturers typically hired separate agencies to develop ad campaigns to promote their vehicles to African-Americans, Asians and Hispanics. But the recession changed all that. Last year, automakers cut marketing and the cuts extended to the ethnic demographics. While general automaker advertising dropped 13% overall in 2009, the budgets for Hispanic TV, magazine and radio shrank by 38% and spending in those same categories when targeting black consumers dropped 18%.

Systems Management Spending Predicted to Grow in 2010

System management software vendors hope 2010 will be the year that more corporations begin spending to upgrade their business software. During the recent period of slow sales, several new products were introduced to the market. According to KACE, a leading systems management appliance company, several of these products may speed up purchase decisions by managers who hold the purse strings at both large and small enterprises.

Changes Predicted for 2010 Pharmaceutical Marketing

Any way you look at it, pharmaceutical DTC marketing translates to big money. This year, industry marketers are waiting to hear the outcome on two issues. Writing for AdWeek, Jim Edwards points out that the FDA is expected to rule on the guidelines for online marketing of prescription drugs. In addition, the anticipated federal health care legislation may play a role in the future of DTC advertising. These outcomes of both of these issues will affect the future of the industry's marketing efforts.

3D TV to Enter Home Market in 2010

Now that HDTV has become just another commodity, manufacturers have been working on the next new thing. Sales in the consumer electronics industry fell 7.8% in 2009 so businesses need revenues from new products just to keep their doors open. The industry has seen hope in the latest TV models which are entering a new dimension. Specifically, consumers will may soon be able to see 3D TV at home.

Home Builders to Market Smaller Homes

It might be the result of the shrinking family size in the U.S. Or it might be linked to consumers’ budgetary concerns. But there’s a new trend in the country’s housing market – think small.

Competition and Marketing Up in Mobile Phone Industry

By any measure, telecommunications is a heavyweight industry with respect to marketing and should remain so for the foreseeable future. As in any young successful industry, rapid growth and competition are the orders of the day. The mobile phone industry’s future is further complicated by the shifting functionality of its devices. Phones that were traditionally used for voice communications are becoming the new personal computer.

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