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New Video! Advertising Smarter to Thanksgiving Diners

Episode 47 of Advertising Smarter focuses on Thanksgiving Diners — consumers who dine at home or at a restaurant on Thanksgiving — and looks at how you can tap into their media interests and habits, buying preferences, as well as their attitudes about advertising. Watch this video briefing here, see it in HD on YouTube, […]

New Video! Advertising Smarter to Used Vehicle Shoppers

Episode 46 of Advertising Smarter focuses on used vehicle shoppers — consumers who are in the market for a used vehicle — and looks at how you can tap into their media interests and habits, buying preferences, as well as their attitudes about advertising. Watch this video briefing here, see it in HD on YouTube, […]

Auto Dealers to Promote Pickup Trucks to New Audiences

When the economy tanked and gas prices soared, many pickup truck owners held onto their existing vehicles. But in the past few months, market economics have changed. Dealers are not only advertising pickup trucks to the usual audiences, they’re also anticipating selling trucks to new kinds of buyers.

Airlines to Market More Services via Mobile

It’s hard to think of a consumer group that relies more on mobile technology and feels more captive to a service provider than today’s business travelers. These consumers often build their schedules around tight connections and rely on flawless air travel service to help them achieve their goals. When the system fails, air travel service providers have an opportunity to redeem themselves by combining marketing and technology.

Higher Wine and Spirits Sales Boosts Marketing Programs

It’s not that U.S. consumers are drinking less than they used to. Alcoholic beverages account for about 1% of consumer spending and this figure has held steady for decades. But, the recession has changed where consumers are buying these beverages so ad strategies should be modified as well.

Auto Dealers to Promote Used Cars to “Want” Buyers

As the economy has improved, consumer interest in auto purchases has increased. The latest Auto Shoppers Forecast from Ad-ology indicates that while 35.6% of consumers hope to buy a new vehicle this year, only 15.6% are looking into used vehicle purchases. This change in the used vehicle market will lead dealers to modify their promotions to clear their lots.

Realtors to Change Advertising Methods

The real estate market is beginning to show signs of life with buyers out looking for deals in some regions. To attract both buyers and sellers, realtors need to advertise. Since the start of the great recession, the array of advertising formats has increased and more realtors are turning to online and social media methods.

Supermarkets Shifting Ad Strategies to Meet Sales Goals

The printed weekly circular has long ruled as the tool of choice for supermarkets to lure shoppers through the doors. But as shoppers spend less time perusing the traditional newspaper, supermarkets are changing their ad strategies. Not surprisingly, these stores are placing greater emphasis on online tactics.

TV Media Companies to Increase Cross-Channel Program Promotion

There’s little question that consumers enjoy watching a screen for entertainment purposes. The TV screen has long held the dominant position in attracting consumer attention and influencing their buying behavior. But TV faces more competition than even before.

Automaker Motorsports Sponsorships to Increase

Auto manufacturers know new vehicle buyers are swayed by a wide range of marketing activities. Earlier this month, the Auto Buyers Forecast released by ad-ology reported that 53% of new vehicle buyers are influenced to take further action as a result of TV ads. Now, another study points to the importance of motorsports sponsorship.

Marketers to Target Segments in Automotive Specialty Equipment

The auto specialty equipment market continues to thrive. But not all auto enthusiasts respond to the same types of marketing messages. Manufacturers and retailers who want to make an impact in this market should check out the targeting advice from the 2012 SEMA Market Segmentation Report.

Specialty Building Supply Operators to Boost Marketing

Big-box home improvement stores have long been blamed for the demise of the local hardware store. New research shows that these giant stores are also posing a threat to independent building supply retailers. To maintain market share, these retailers may want to roll out new ad campaigns emphasizing the features construction professionals are looking for.

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