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Apartment Building Managers Marketing to Minorities and Young Adults

Until a few years ago, well over 1 million new households were formed every year in the U.S. When the recession hit, that number dropped to around 600,000 new households a year. Experts say the number may start climbing over 1 million again as soon as this year which is good news for apartment building owners and real estate professionals.

Consumer Restaurant Spending to Prompt Marketing Shift

After spending the recession and much of the recovery patronizing limited service restaurants, consumers appear to have a changing appetite. So far this year, the fast-casual and full-service sectors have seen traffic and sales rise. To maintain this momentum, marketers will likely be rolling out promotions to lure consumers during the all-important summer season.

Builders to Promote Home Technology Features to Boost Sales

Now that builders see a possible end to the depressed conditions in the housing market, they are looking for ways to differentiate their offerings. Many have seized on home technology as a way to resonate with home buyers. The 10th Annual State of the Builder Technology Market Study from the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) shows how important this trend has become.

Housing Market Recovery to Prompt Advertising Shift

Until recently, growth in the U.S. housing market had been fueled by the rising demand for single-family homes. Realtors established their businesses by promoting homes that were for sale. Some analyst believe a housing recovery has begun but they predict that type of demand in the industry, and the related advertising, will differ from what we’ve been accustomed to seeing.

TV Replacement Cycle to Speed Up

Economic worries may have consumers keeping a close watch on the family budget but there’s one line of products that people are ready to shop for: TVs. Ongoing technology changes are prompting consumers to replace their TVs more frequently. To generate higher sales, marketers must the features consumers want.

Museums to Promote Hyper-Personal Visitor Experiences

If museums are all about connecting people with static exhibits, the general response might be a collective yawn. But what if these cultural institutions change their approach to reach a wider audience? The Guardian Culture Professionals Network has begun to explore marketing alternatives for museums.

Millennials to Become Target for Alternative Financial Services

Much has been written about the financial illiteracy among young adults. Then, there’s the poor economic conditions that make it difficult for many folks to put aside money for an emergency. These two facts are combining to make the perfect opportunity for alternative financial services marketers to tap a new client pool.

TV, Coupons are Tops for Restaurant Marketers

Restaurants have resorted to a wide variety of tactics to reel in customers. The lingering recession means it’s more important than ever before to employ the most effective advertising strategies. For restaurants, it seems that patrons most easily recall the ads they've seen on TV.

More Restaurants Promoting Healthy Choice Menus

Restaurants are still resorting to numerous marketing strategies to lure consumers back through their doors. One of the biggest trends this year has been the promotion of healthy foods. This technique is even being used by some quick service restaurants with varying success.

Wineries to Target Millennials

Common wisdom has long held that the most lucrative market for wineries and wine retailers is comprised of older consumers who can afford expensive bottles of their favorite varietal. But new research suggests that marketers should rethink their assumptions. It turns out that a significant number of Millennials are regular wine drinkers

Healthcare Providers, Clinics Promoting Vaccinations and Immunizations

Just when we thought the season for vaccinations and shots, especially for the flu, was over, there’s alarming news from medical experts. Diseases that many of us thought had been conquered are showing up again because consumers have not been diligent about vaccinations. As a result, more health care providers and medical clinics will be aggressively promoting the importance of keeping vaccinations current, especially for children.

Charitable Organizations Show More Transparency in Marketing Appeals

Consumers are still giving to their favorite charities and causes in the U.S. But with so many of these nonprofit organizations struggling because of cutbacks from government agencies, the need to raise cash to fund their programs is growing. New research has just been released that shows the best ways for nonprofit groups to promote themselves and their need for donations.

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