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Automakers May Retool Marketing to Improve Hybrid Appeal

For consumers concerned about the price of gasoline and about the environment, a hybrid car would be seem to be perfect solution. Manufacturers have been doing their part to increase the types of models available. But consumers aren’t always so anxious to purchase hybrids.

Corporate PR Departments Increasing Use of Social Media

Most businesses rely on internal or external public relations personnel to improve image and play a marketing role. The USC Annenberg Strategic Communication and Public Relations Center has been tracking changes in the industry and recently published its seventh biennial Communication and Public Relations Generally Accepted Practices (GAP VII) study. The data in this study shows the latest trends in the PR industry and the growing role of social media.

Reputation Management Campaigns to Come from Financial Services Sector

Financial services firms know they have a problem. Many consumers blame these enterprises for leading the country into the Great Recession. As a result, financial services operators intend to embark on reputation improvement campaigns this year.

Pharmaceuticals to Shift Marketing Emphasis from Community Physicians to Healthcare Organizations

Pharmaceutical marketers acknowledge there are changes afoot regardless of the outcome of the current case before the Supreme Court regarding nationalized health care. The results of recent high-profile studies in this sector indicate that pharma companies intend to change who they are marketing to and how they carry out these programs on the professional advertising front.

Motorcycle/ATV Sales Decline May Prompt Ad Spending Increase

Motorcycle dealers may be scratching their heads over the latest numbers released by the Motorcycle Industry Council. The general economy is improving and auto sales are up. But, the MIC is predicting a drop in motorcycle sales which means dealers should be increasing their advertising budgets.

Luxury Car Sales Boom Linked to Marketing Effectiveness

We keep hearing about the importance of driving electric or hybrid cars to preserve the environment. Then, there’s the threat of gas prices reaching $5 a gallon for the summer. News like this should be dragging down luxury car sales but that is not what’s happening in the market.

Banks and Credit Unions to Increase Insurance and Investment Product Marketing

Banks are still feeling the pain from new legislation that limits the amount of money they can charge customers for some services. In addition, some banks have withdrawn from the mortgage market. These changes in the industry have left operators looking for new product lines, especially in investments and insurance.

Auto Dealership Service Departments to Target Younger Clientele

The automotive dealer service department is an important source of revenue and a touch point that can increase customer loyalty when they’re ready to buy their next vehicle. But there’s been a shift in the automotive service industry. As a result, dealers will need to change who they are targeting with their advertising.

Retailers Allocating More Ad Money to TV

Forecasters have been predicting a strong year for TV. Consumers plan to watch the Olympics and the political debates and elections in large numbers and ad increases in those sectors have long been expected. But there’s another sector planning to increase TV ad spending this year – big retailers.

Improving Real Estate Market to Generate Ad Spending

Nobody is predicting that the real estate market is going to roar back. But there are glimmers of hope for an improved outlook as this year’s selling season begins. The latest forecast from Robert Charles Lessor Co. (RCLCO) shows some sectors are in full recovery while others are headed in that direction within the next 6 to 12 months.

Green is the Color of New Home Marketing, Renovations

Despite a subdued outlook for new home sales across the U.S., some builders are finding ways to improve their visibility in the local marketplace. It’s all about being green. More builders are using the green angle in their marketing for both new builds and renovations. This trend is expected to continue through at least 2016.

Financial Advisors to Up Direct Mail Effort to Seniors

Financial advisors who target the senior market find themselves selling to a very worried group of consumers. A new group of consumers is beginning to move into the senior market – older baby boomers. As a result, financial advisors are evaluating the best way to reach out to prospective clients.

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