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Vegetable Gardening More Popular with Millennials

The vegetable gardening season is in full swing. U.S. consumers are engaging in this hobby in a big way with 33% either growing some of their food at home or at a community garden. The National Gardening Association, in a recent report, noted that this level of activity represents a 17% increase in the past 5 years.

Homeowners Buying Into Energy Conservation

U.S. consumers are desperate to save energy. 98% of U.S. homeowners surveyed as part of the Lennox Home Energy report card say they want to conserve energy, to either help save money and/or protect the environment.

Brides and Grooms Hold to Favorite Traditions

Looking at both the road to the wedding and the big day itself, do Americans still feel the hopefully-happy couple should hold to the traditions and big to-do’s associated with saying “I do?” As it turns out, many traditions still curry strong favor among U.S. adults. Americans are more split on others like those that involve technology. These are some of the results of The Harris Poll of 2,300 adults surveyed online between April 16 and 21, 2014.

More Dads Staying Home with Kids

With Father’s Day just behind us, now is a good time to consider the impact of dads on their kids’ lives. Pew Research is out with a new report about the growing trend of dads who are not working outside the home. The number of dads staying home with their kids has risen dramatically and these men comprise an important audience for marketers to reach.

Museum Visits Linked to Improved Critical Thinking Skills

Not all learning takes place in the classroom. As schools close for summer break, museums will be appealing to parents and organizations like day camps, to increase traffic and promote learning of a different kind. The Educational Value of Field Trips, a study published in Education Next by Jay Greene, a professor of education reform at the University of Arkansas, shows the positive impact of an art museum visit on a child. These field trips improve a child’s critical thinking and also increase the likelihood that the child will return to the museum, often with family members.

Regulations, Slow Sales Worry Small Business Owners

Today’s small business owners may be one of the toughest groups for marketers to reach. These consumers are usually overwhelmed by the challenges of keeping revenue coming through the door, managing their employees and thinking of new products and services to bring to the marketplace. A survey published by NFIB.com shows that SMB owners share some universal concerns while other problems are more likely to surface on a regional basis.

Nontraditional Running Events Attracting More Interest and Participation

U.S. consumers are more interesting in running these days but many are finding that preparing for a full marathon is too much of a commitment. Race sponsors and organizers have been responding to an increased demand for nontraditional races like half marathons and 5K events. Obstacle and mud runs are also drawing bigger crowds and create unique opportunities for marketers to reach this audience.

Consumers Demanding Flexibility and Updated Technology from Healthcare Providers

Now that some of the debate has quieted about the Affordable Care Act, consumers are paying attention to what the changes in the healthcare system mean for them. Healthcare shoppers are also expecting service providers to update their delivery methods and this includes more use of technology. A PwC Health Research Institute report finds that traditional service providers must promote features like pricing transparency and longer office hours to stay competitive.

DIY Consumers Shopping Online for Supplies

More consumers are hoping to save money by taking on do-it-yourself projects. Whether it’s painting the kitchen or swapping out the car battery, consumers are educating themselves with the help of online videos and getting to work. They are also turning to online sources to order the equipment they need, especially auto parts, according to a new AutoPartsWarehouse.com report.