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Radio Stations Rally Around Social Media

Radio is more engaged with social media, especially with tweets. According to research by the Radio Television Digital News Association, radio stations are making strides in developing social media and mobile strategies to deliver news to new audiences.

Internet Radio Audience to Grow 6% in 2015

The radio industry will crack the half-billion-dollar mark in digital advertising in 2015 for the 1st time, growing revenue 18%, according to research issued by Borrell Associates for the Radio Advertising Bureau. The report, Benchmarking: Local Radio Stations‰Ûª Online Revenues

Digital Audio Platform is Growing for Marketers and Consumers

As consumers have turned to the Internet to read news reports and watch videos, marketers have been reaching them with display and rich-media ads. Radio broadcasters are also finding they can connect with the digital audio audience. This audience is growing and appreciates the value that internet radio websites deliver.

African Americans, Hispanics Make Great Targets for Digital Radio Ads

Researchers have long noted that African American and Hispanic consumers are more active than other ethnic groups on social media. These groups also make use of the latest smartphone technology. Another new study points out that these consumers also make good candidates for digital radio advertising.

Radio Broadcasters to Expand Online Advertising Platforms

As a traditional media format, radio continues to do well in reaching consumers, especially as they commute. But a new study indicates that radio broadcasters can expand their sales and influence if they offer online advertising platforms and show marketers the synergistic effects of promoting themselves through a wider range of media formats. The findings from the recently released Internet Radio Advertising Impact Study indicates that consumers have better ad recall when they are exposed to messages both on the radio and online.