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Making the Most of the 3 Hours a Day Women Spend on Mobile Apps

“What if you could easily reach a dynamic audience that is influential, educated, entrepreneurial and committed to the continued growth of society? Increasingly, that driving force is women, a rumbling economic powerhouse. In the U.S. alone, women make up just over half of the population, and they’re accountable for over $39 trillion dollars. That puts them in charge of 30% of the world’s wealth, and the number is growing.”

The Top U.S. Smartphone Apps of 2015

From videos to music to apps, digital was at the forefront of consumers’ (and marketers’) minds in 2015. Nielsen looked at some of the top trends for 2015 in digital, including the top U.S. smartphone apps and operating systems.

Smartphone Shoppers Weigh No. 1 iPhone vs No. 2 Samsung

The iPhone continues to dominate the smartphone market. The number of respondents using an iPhone increased compared with six months ago. Samsung came in second and lost a little bit of ground. iPhones are gaining in popularity among respondents ages 30 to 60, as well as those with higher incomes.