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Digital Video to be Media Star in 2020 Campaign Ad Spending

Earlier this summer, we reported on Brian Wieser’s projections for the political ad spending sector. Wieser anticipates a $10 billion spending level, and other research shops have provided significant details on where the money will go, especially digital video.

Here’s Why Your Pharma Clients Should Use Digital Ads

TV has long been the medium of choice for pharma companies. But, new research from DRG Digital | Manhattan Research shows that drug companies should give online ads a fresh look.

Online Health Care Ads Drive Consumer Action

We’ve all been there: accessing the internet to figure out whether that rash is from a tick bite or poison ivy. Consumers’ increasing use of online resources to access medical information is an opportunity for your clients.

Do Your Clients’ Digital Ads Irritate Their Target Audiences?

In a global study, Kantar Media analysts took the pulse of 5,000 consumers exposed to digital advertising. They wanted to know who likes advertising and why. Here's what they discovered.

Are Your Clients’ Hispanic-Targeted Ads Making Their Mark?

With Hispanic consumers now accounting for 18% of the U.S. population, your clients should think about how they want to connect with these shoppers. New research from Kantar Media shows that Hispanics control 10% of U.S. spending.