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Only 1 in 7 Sellers Do This Crucial Assessment

I never wanted to be in sales. I only entered the profession because I had an idea for a business.

How to Ask for An Appointment in an Email Cold Call

When I got the message below from Daniel McLellan, I had to share it with you.

The Experience of You

I was psyched. My goal? To set up a meeting with the SVP of Sales at a targeted software company.

Tackling the Impossible Sales Challenge

How do you get a targeted account if all your previous attempts have failed? If you want to catch a big fish, perhaps the sports fishermen of New Zealand can give you some ideas.

Performance-Based Goals vs. Getting-Better Goals

It‘s time for more straight talk today on goal setting. So let me ask you this: What IS your quota this year? How about your revenue goal? I‘ll bet it hasn‘t gone down.

How to Increase Sales in 8 Seconds

Let me ask you a question: What's the one thing you can do in the next 12 months that will dramatically impact sales?

The 3 Sales Questions I Should Have Asked

A few years ago, shortly after launching my new website, I absentmindedly answered the phone when it rang. When the caller announced that he was from Southwest Airlines, I quickly snapped to attention.

Make A Plan NOW to Make Your Sales Goal

How close are you to making your sales goal for 2016? Jill Konrath reports that typically, approximately 50% of salespeople fail to meet their annual sales quota, a percentage that is surprisingly high.

Avoid These 2 Mistakes When Giving A PowerPoint Presentation

Are you committing two common mistakes when delivering a PowerPoint presentation?

What is a Value Proposition?

Do you really know the meaning and purpose of a value proposition? If not, you may be at a professional disadvantage and missing out on opportunities.

What Prospects Really Want From Presentations

It’s time to break free from the traditional, self-serving (and boring!) sales presentation, and instead, give your audience what they really want: An experience.

Stop Distractions from Killing Productivity

Distractions are a waste of time..YOUR time! Jill Konrath reports that on average, distractions take up an average of 2.1 hours each day. "And, to make matters worse, getting your mind back on track after you’ve been interrupted is a real challenge," Konrath explains.