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Are Your Word Choices Undermining Your Leadership Credibility?

Few tran­si­tions are more intim­i­dat­ing than mov­ing from a staff posi­tion into a man­age­ment role. To suc­ceed in your new role, you’ll need to trans­mit your thoughts and ideas into words that moti­vate and por­tray cred­i­bil­i­ty.

Civil Behavior in the Workplace Starts with You

Our inci­vil­i­ty is now invad­ing the work­place, and bad behav­ior is demor­al­iz­ing man­agers and employ­ees. If you want to do some­thing about this neg­a­tive trend, lis­ten to what Chris­tine Porath has to say.

How Top CEOs Rely on Their Teams to Achieve Success

As a busi­ness leader, are you liv­ing in a ‘con­stant state of fight or flight?’ Scott Eblin uses this phrase to describes lead­ers who are strug­gling with their c‑suite role. In fact, Eblin states that 40% of lead­ers fail to suc­ceed in these roles.

Two Tips to Improve Engagement Through Performance Appraisals

Are you stuck in the past using the stack rank­ing form of per­for­mance appraisal? We get it. If you’re oper­at­ing in a high­ly com­pet­i­tive indus­try, you need to quick­ly iden­ti­fy your rock star employ­ees as well as the team mem­bers who need a lit­tle more guid­ance.

Have You Spent a Day Working Alongside Your Team Members?

One boss I had years ago faced a big chal­lenge. He need­ed to con­nect with the build­ings and grounds employ­ees he'd just been assigned to super­vise. How was he going to under­stand those griev­ances if he spent most work days but­toned up in meet­ings in the exec­u­tive wing? Sim­ple.

How Far Will You Go to Uphold Your Company’s Values?

As a leader, it’s your job to main­tain the work cul­ture that you and oth­ers have care­ful­ly craft­ed. If you want your employ­ees to be moti­vat­ed and engaged, you have to take action when an employ­ee gross­ly vio­lates your company's val­ues

Two Tips to Motivate Your Employees

We all want to find the best way to keep employ­ees moti­vat­ed. But, suc­ceed­ing at this task is a huge chal­lenge. Cus­tomized rewards and long-term career plan­ning can help.

Are Your Employees Glued to Their Phones During Meetings?

How many times has your phone chirped in a meet­ing? Maybe it’s a co-work­er tex­ting you about the pre­sen­ta­tion you're both sit­ting through. It’s no big deal if you answer that co-work­er, right?

Is Your Management Style Driving Employees to Lie?

All too often in the cor­po­rate world, lead­ers are the vic­tims of BS. Some­times, employ­ees feed their man­agers false infor­ma­tion because they are under a dead­line, says Lila MacLel­lan.

Does That Employee Dispute Boil Down to a Communication Problem?

We’d like to think that we’ve come a long way since employ­ees set­tled their dis­putes with their fists. Most of us don’t have to put up with brawl­ing in our work­places, but employ­ee dis­agree­ments are real.

Top Seven Ways Leaders Can Destroy Trust

Fos­ter­ing trust is a key lead­er­ship devel­op­ment task for cre­at­ing a win­ning cul­ture with­in every team and a chal­lenge that must be met.

Here's Why Your Team Needs Agility Training

Is agili­ty one of the buzz words zoom­ing around your com­pa­ny these days? Every­one agrees they need to have it. Hard­ly any­one agrees on how to get it.

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