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How to Tweak the Office Floor Plan to Boost Profits

Are you looking for a way to boost your company’s profits by $1 million a year? Yet, the secret to this kind of success may be as simple as changing your office floor plan.

Are You Committing These Leadership Sins?

What steps can new leaders take to be most effective? For Susan Mazza, writing for Randomactsofleadership​.com, it all comes down to building trust.

How to Get Your Leadership Ego Under Control

There’s a fine line between confidence and arrogance. As a leader, it’s especially important to find that line. If you don’t, and your employees perceive you as being too full of yourself, your company’s bottom line will take a hit.

Culture, Brand, Leadership – a Trifecta for Success

There is an epidemic,” Tony Nuckolls told the crowd at the Schey Sales Symposium. “The ‘good enough’ epidemic is our current problem.”

The Power of Impactful Leadership Communication

Would you be open to having a conversation about you, that your team is having without you?” Tim Reynolds, executive director of the Robert D. Walter Center for Strategic Leadership, asked the ballroom full of sales professionals during the Schey Sales Symposium.

Managers: Are You Testing Candidates for Practical Intelligence?

Are your assessment tests up to date? The latest research points to the importance of testing for situational and practical intelligence.

How to Help Your Organization Avoid a Wells Fargo Moment

Do you want to keep your company from having a Wells Fargo moment? You know that moment – the one where you are sitting in front of Congress defending your policies that pushed sales reps to achieve supremely high targets at the cost of ethical behavior?

Tips from Famous Leaders on How to Change Workplace Culture

Changing workplace culture doesn’t require prestidigitation, but often, the outcome of your efforts can be magical. Here are a few pointers from some well-known leaders who have walked in your shoes.

Should Leaders Challenge an Organization's Culture?

As a new CEO for an organization, it's tempting to impose try to change the culture to match your leadership style. Should you? A team of researchers led by Chad Hartnell studied this topic and published the ‘paradoxical’ findings in Applied Psychology.

Communication Skills in Leadership When You Can’t be Face to Face

Worldwide, there are now more than one billion people who primarily work remotely. They work on the road, in home offices, and in satellite offices. Fostering communication skills in leadership long-distance like this can be hard.

Are You Sure That Employee is Ready to Lead?

When it’s time to fill a management position in your company, slow down and think about what you’re doing. Making a mistake with a leadership promotion can seriously impact your operations and company morale.

Managers: Have You Made Any Decisions Today?

Not everyone was born with natural leadership traits. But you can mimic some of those qualities to become an effective leader as Jeff Boss explains in a recent Forbes column.

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