Retailers to Make Ads More Inclusive with Gender-Neutral Pronouns

"As the experiences of people who don’t identify as a man or a woman have gained attention, a majority of Americans say they have heard at least a little about the use of gender-neutral pronouns. And about one-in-five (18%) say they personally know someone who goes by such pronouns, says Pew Research."

Hotels to Promote Friendly Accommodations for Pride Celebrations

With April acting as the unofficial kick off to Pride season, recognized annually and internationally throughout June, now is the perfect time to start planning a trip around the upcoming 2019 Pride festivities. Travelers planning a trip to celebrated Pride destinations including Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington D.C., San Francisco and New York City can browse hotels, booking tips and itineraries.

LGBT Consumers Spend on Performing Arts, Vacations.

The latest annual survey of the LGBT Community from Community Marketing & Insights finds that these consumers are feeling positive about their economic prospects in the year ahead. LGBT adults have money to spend and they’ve got a higher than average interest in specific categories such as performing arts and vacations. Marketers should be aware that this community continues to evolve and that specific marketing terms will work best when connecting with them.

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Marketers Finding a Profitable Niche in the LGBT Community

The LGBT community is garnering more respect these days as their struggle to achieve equal rights, especially in terms of getting legally married, was officially recognized by the U.S. Supreme Court earlier this year. Marketers have plenty of reasons to court this demographic. Research shows these consumers control $800 million in annual spending and they consistently reward marketers that are openly friendly to them and avoid those that use insensitive brand and promotional messaging.

Marketers to Expand Use of LGBT Themes to Increase Appeal to Friends, Family

By some estimates, the LGBT demographic group totals between 16 million and 25 million in the U.S.. Only a few years ago, marketers risked raising consumer ire by running ads targeting the LGBT population. But the mood of the country has changed and analysts believe marketers will be steadily

Marketers to Target LGBT Travelers

On average, U.S. consumers are planning to take slightly fewer vacation trips this summer than last, 1.6 excursions versus 1.8. But a larger percentage of one demographic group – lesbians, gays, bisexual and transgendered (LGBT) consumers, plans to take between 1–2 trips this summer. In addition, these consumers say they’ll increase their spending while on vacation. Other consumer groups plan a slight decrease in spending.