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More Consumers Resolve to Get Organized in 2015

The home organization product industry is expanding. Fueled by the growing economy, consumers have more money to spend on organizing systems for their homes, closets and garages. Industry interest has also been spurred by innovative and effective marketing campaigns.

79% of Moms Use Smartphones While In Stores

The path to the wallet of today’s new mom may be through her smartphone. BabyCenter reports that smartphones use by moms has risen dramatically. As moms consult their phones during shopping trips, they compare prices, look for coupons and seek the best deals on favorite products in nearby stores.

Personality Type Linked to Poker Players' Success

Poker players are key contributors to the bottom line at most casinos. On the other hand, poker players are intent on winning when they set out for a night of gaming. They enjoy beating the other players and beating the house. Do the most successful poker players share personality traits?

Hotels Upgrading to Court Female Travelers

Now that travelers are on the road again, they're booking hotel rooms. When consumers are seeking accommodations, they're hoping for a good night's sleep. According to a Huno​.com survey, women say a clean room makes the difference while men want to deal with experienced staff.

Charitable Givers Getting Younger

As the face of the U.S. changes, so does the demographic profile of charitable givers. The just-released survey from the Association of Fundraising Professionals-Greater Philadelphia Chapter focuses on donors located in the Delaware Valley. However, the results can be applied to other regions.

Beer Drinkers Seeking Unique Flavors

Technomic’s 2014 Beer Tab report reveals that wine and spirits consumption has increased in the past year on a per capita basis by 0.7% and 0.3%, respectively. In general, beer consumption has dropped, per capita, by 2.2%.

Blacks Purchasing More Anti-Aging Hair Care Products

While Black consumers love trying new products and experimenting with their appearance, they appear to under-index when it comes to anti-aging products. However, it seems the haircare market is one area where the opposite is true as new research from Mintel reveals that 42% of Black consumers have tried or would be interested in trying anti-aging hair products.

Beginning Skiers Prefer Family-Oriented Ski Centers

Everyone has to start somewhere. For downhill skiers, the best place to start may be a smaller hill which attracts fewer people and where the operator may offer personal lessons. A survey published this year in Powder​.com finds that most skiers learned the sport at smaller family-oriented centers.

Farmers/Ranchers Using Social Media

There’s no getting around the fact that farming and ranching is a hands-on profession. Consumers who make a living this way may not spend as much time in front of a computer as stock traders or financial analysts. However, a survey conducted by Truffle Media networks shows that farmers and ranchers do use social media.

LGBT Consumers Spend on Performing Arts, Vacations.

The latest annual survey of the LGBT Community from Community Marketing & Insights finds that these consumers are feeling positive about their economic prospects in the year ahead. LGBT adults have money to spend and they’ve got a higher than average interest in specific categories such as performing arts and vacations. Marketers should be aware that this community continues to evolve and that specific marketing terms will work best when connecting with them.

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Cat Lovers Shown to be Non-Conformist

Should marketers of pet products and services tweak their messages to appeal to the unique personalities of dog and cat owners? New research from Denise Guastello at Wasukesha, WI-based Carroll University and summarized by Rachel Rettner at LiveScience, reveals significant differences between consumers who own only dogs and those who own only cats.

48% of Family Travelers Prefer Vacation Home Rentals

According to new research released today by luxury destination club Inspirato with American Express, families are among the heaviest users of vacation home rentals this year, representing 56 percent of all vacation home rental lodgers. Families are also more likely to value the benefits of vacation homes more than other travelers.

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