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Use The Presence Principle to Boost Your Leadership Effectiveness

In today’s world, the social media scolds will quick­ly fig­ure out if you’re not authen­tic. One way to improve your leader effec­tive­ness is to fol­low the pres­ence prin­ci­ple.

Your Likeability Can Affect Prospects' Trust — and Your Sales

As you’ve already heard, trust is vital to sell­ing. And to earn that trust, like­abil­i­ty plays a huge role. Sure, prospects may buy from reps who they don’t care for, but that doesn’t mean they trust them. This in turn leads to a shaky rela­tion­ship and poten­tial breakup.

How to Sell as an Introvert

The inter­per­son­al skills demand­ed of top sales­peo­ple mean an intro­vert could nev­er make it in this pro­fes­sion — right? Nope, says Bill Mur­phy, Jr. Here's how he suc­ceeds as a shy per­son.