Ad Agencies Questioning Value of Social Media

Ad agencies know they have to be up to speed on the latest technology in order to win clients. This same technology can also be problematic when clients are looking for hard data on their return on investment (ROI). STRATA, in a new survey, notes that half of agencies limit their social media ad purchases because they can’t demonstrate value.

Ad Agencies and the Cockroach Instinct

In the complex world of marketing, media companies and ad agencies are hoping for a share of enterprise ad budgets. As we continue to move to more digitization of media, which of these service providers will have an edge? Brad Wieser, Senior Research Analyst at Pivotal Research Group recently published an article supporting Publicis’ Rishad Tobaccowala's contention that ad agencies will adapt and survive as successfully as cockroaches have done over the past few million years.

Agencies to Reposition Services to Stave Off Ad-Tech Competitors

Traditional media companies have been struggling to reinvent themselves and adapt their revenue streams since the dawn of the digital age. Now, advertising agencies are finding themselves in a battle to maintain clients. The pressure is coming from ad tech companies that are seeking out direct relationships with ad agency clients and this challenge is forcing agencies to change strategies.

Marketers Bringing More Work In-House

Traditional ad agencies are feeling pressure from all sides these days. The shift to digital has prodded them to think differently about how to serve their clients. At the same time, businesses that are still feeling the effects of the recession are keeping work in-house instead of contracting out to agencies. The latest survey from the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) shows the extent of this practice.

Marketers Expect Ad and Media Agencies to Focus on ROI

Ad agencies are required to walk a fine line these days. Sure, businesses appreciate the creative attitude that an agency can bring to the table. But, in the digital age, the focus is on quantifying the results of a campaign, regardless of the creative angle. This is one of the key findings from the 2013 Global Marketing Effectiveness Program published by Fournaise Marketing Group.

Marketers to Seek Agencies that Offer Best Integrated Services

With digital marketing poised to take a larger part of the ad budget at most firms, it’s worth asking whether ad agencies that specialize in digital will own the future. A new report from RSW/US suggests that the best strategy for an agency in these competitive times may be to specialize in 2–3 industries and offer both digital and traditional marketing services.

Ad Agencies Expect Improved Business Conditions in 2011

Advertising agencies are predicting an improved business picture for 2011. A new survey finds many agencies believe they’ve turned the corner and will be able to find additional clients this year. Agencies acknowledge that the competition for clients will be challenging. But they are turning to several sources and employing multiple marketing tactics to bring new clients through the door.

Auto Industry Set to Adjust Marketing

After the initial boost of new car sales generated by this past summer’s Cash-for-Clunkers program, U.S. auto manufacturers and dealerships will be looking for the best way to keep cars moving off the lot. Despite profit pressures, industry analysts believe manufacturers and dealers will continue to advertise. According to Cameron McNaughton, “[c]ar companies still have among the largest advertising/marketing budgets in the industry.”