Marketing, Teens and the Mall

Does it pay to market to teens? If you advertise in a venue where teens spend a lot of time, they'll notice your ads. The local mall has long been a mecca for this demographic and these days, teens are actively searching out information about stores, products and mall entertainment destinations. That's one of the key findings from a study recently released by Scarborough Research.

CMO Outlook: Not All "Bad News" is BAD News for Agencies

At first glance, one of the CMO Council's Marketing Outlook questions appears to deliver "Bad News" for a lot of hard working Ad Agencies. "What agency changes do you plan to make in 2009?"

CMO Survey: Budgets Holding Up; Performance, Efficiency & Insight are Key Mandates

Customer anxiety and cutbacks are the biggest factors influencing marketing budget allocation in 2009, reports the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council in its annual Marketing Outlook study. Despite a restrained economy, however, marketers see budgets holding up fairly well with dollars being stringently controlled and directed against growing and retaining market share.

Nonprofits, Arts, and Marketing

Public appreciation for the arts remains the vanguard of white and often older consumers according to the latest study from the Wallace Foundation. This 125 page report emphasizes the importance of training children who will later become adult consumers of arts.

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