New Product Launches to Make Emotional Connection

What do the launches of Microsoft’s Windows 8, Wendy’s Pretzel Bacon Cheeseburger, and the 2013 Toyota Corolla have in common? According to the Most Memorable New Product Launch MMNPL survey, from Sentient Decision Science and Schneider Associates, these products made the best emotional connection with consumers. As a result, consumers were also more likely to remember and purchase these products.

Marketers Aiming to Reduce Consumer Privacy Concerns

Maybe it’s because of the Snowden affair, or just an increase in general awareness, but consumers are paying closer attention to the issue of online privacy. Truste, a firm with an interest in privacy, has released a new report showing that consumer concern about their personal information is increasing again. This change in attitude is important for marketers to understand as they strive to connect with consumers and boost online sales.

Marketers Poised to Make 2014 the Year of Healthy Living

Consumers have had enough of obesity, junk food and stressed out lifestyles. Bain and Company has announced that consumers on a global basis want to aim for a lifestyle that will help them prevent health-related problems. This is a big shift from the healthcare mindset that has been accounting for an increasing share of national spending in most countries.

Marketers Seek to Expand Experiential Investment

Event marketing has historically been a great way for a brand to get in front of large groups of people, often in an environment that will make an impression. Consumers tend to remember if they had a great time at a benefit concert or similar event that was sponsored by a specific brand. Crossmark, in its Experiential Marketing study for the Path to Purchase Institute , notes brands are working harder to encourage event attendees to spread the word through social media and therefore get more mileage from their investment.

Major Brands Renew Focus on Local Marketing Efforts

Big brands spend plenty of money focusing on their national campaigns. They know they need to make an impression at the local market level, too. At least 80% are spending more or the same level of local marketing dollars in 2014 as they did last year. But, Balihoo, in its Local Digital Marketing study, notes that only 7% are satisfied with their local campaigns and measurement abilities.

Marketers Blend Traditional, Digital Media to Reach Working Moms

It’s easy to assume that the path to most working moms would be through digital media. After all, many of these consumers, especially those with younger children, are likely to be digitally savvy and looking for every time-saving advantage they can find. Digital media would seem to fit that need but Scarborough’s Working Moms Study data shows that traditional media holds a big place in the daily lives of working moms.

2014 is Year of the Screen for Marketers

Millward Brown is among one of the many research shops predicting a marketer emphasis on multi-screen promotions this year. But what exactly does that mean and how can marketers optimize this strategy? As part of their analysis of this year’s hot trends, the firm spoke with several experts and compiled its findings in the 2014 Digital and Media Predictions Report. Reading through this report can help you determine if you are using the latest screen technology and tactics to your best advantage.

Large B2B Marketers Focus on SMBs in 2014

B2B marketing is big business. And the sector will grow this year as larger businesses get serious about targeting small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). The Better Traction from Smarter SMB Interaction report from the CMO council explains why SMBs are an attractive target for larger businesses and how to increase sales through improved marketing campaigns.

Enterprises Struggle to Optimize Content Marketing

Content marketing remains on the radar screen for many enterprises this year. The strategy is especially effective for B2B marketers. But, optimizing content marketing is a struggle for businesses and Curata’s 2014 Content Marketing Tactics Planner shows the challenges that operators face.

B2B Enterprises Spending More on Marketing Services

B2B marketers face different challenges than their B2C counterparts, especially when it comes to the lengthy sales cycle. But, these enterprises must promote their products and services to clients on an ongoing basis. The Forrester Research/Business Marketing Association study "Focus B2B Marketing Budget Gains On Business Outcomes To Succeed In 2014” reveals that B2B marketers, on average, will increase their marketing budgets by 6% this year.

Traditional Media Still Ranks High in Trust with Consumers

Twitter is a fabulous tool for disseminating information during an emergency. Because it’s easy to get the information out quickly, the sources sometimes get their facts wrong. These kinds of gaffs are why consumers cast a wary eye at social media with respect to trust. Edelman Trust Barometer for 2014 shows that consumers still find traditional media most trustworthy.

Ad Agencies and the Cockroach Instinct

In the complex world of marketing, media companies and ad agencies are hoping for a share of enterprise ad budgets. As we continue to move to more digitization of media, which of these service providers will have an edge? Brad Wieser, Senior Research Analyst at Pivotal Research Group recently published an article supporting Publicis’ Rishad Tobaccowala's contention that ad agencies will adapt and survive as successfully as cockroaches have done over the past few million years.

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