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Old-School Sales Tactics Still Work Today

One way to build relationships is to actually talk to people. Don’t get in the habit of using only social media or email to communicate with others. While digital tools are convenient, they shouldn’t be a complete substitute for picking up the phone or meeting in-person.

How to Give A Sales Pitch That Prospects Will Remember

Many salespeople take the moment or two that clients require to think as a negative thing when, in reality, attempting to fill that gap in conversation with any random facts you can think of is just making you seem ill-prepared and on-edge.

Ten Tips for Effective Listening

For many of us, talking can come pretty easy especially when it’s about something we’re interested in. But effective listening? That’s another story.

How to Use Silence in Your Sales Conversations

The next time you’re faced with an awkward silence, avoid the temptation to fill it with rambling. By giving the other person space, you are giving your own words more impact.

I’m sorry, I didn’t hear you. Could you repeat that?

I didn’t hear you.” No, you weren’t listening. “Our people need to listen better.” No, your people need to understand WHY they don’t listen.

Are You In Danger of Losing Your Key Accounts?

According to Tris Brown, who writes for td​.org, having a clear plan for dealing with strategic accounts can explain 31% of “the difference between high- and low- performing sales team. [LSA Global research.]” The same holds true for your own management of strategic accounts.

Stop Listening To Your Customers and Do THIS Instead!

What do your customers think about your company? Your product? Your service? Most companies today are doing everything in their power to collect feedback from their customers. However, all that data is going to waste!

Do You Practice These Good Listening Habits?

Most salespeople think they they are good listeners–who would want to admit otherwise? Unfortunately, not all are as good as they think.

2 Mistakes Destroying Your Customer Success

Do your clients know, understand and use all aspect of your product or service? Are they staying with you or are you experiencing high levels of churn? You may be making some critical mistakes that are demolishing your customer success.

I’m sorry, I didn’t hear you. Could you repeat that?

REALITY: You quit paying attention for one reason or another, AND blame it on the person talking to you. Two rudes don’t make a right. How do you listen?

Wandering Mind? 5 Ways to Improve Concentration

How often do you find your mind wandering when you have a million and a half things to get done? If you are constantly flitting between tasks or finding yourself daydreaming, your productivity is suffering.

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