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More Marketers Updating Their Logos

In an era when images are increasingly important to consumers, marketers should be thinking about what they are communicating with their logos. A press release from Nashville, TV-based Horton Group encourages marketers to review their logos. The company’s analysts identify 3 specific circumstances that should prompt marketers to update their logos.

Updated Logos Earning Marketers New Customer Attention

With over 2 million businesses being created every year, graphic artists and sign companies have plenty of opportunity to make a visual impression for their clients. In addition, businesses often decide to update or refresh their logos because of mergers, acquisitions or the need to rebrand themselves. Logo design can make a huge difference for a business and experts recommend that marketers take the time to get it right.

Logos and Your Corporate Image

You know you've arrived when someone in your company decides you need an official logo. This might happen after years of cobbing together a mix of free online art and Word fonts. Or if you're well-funded, you might hire a graphic artist to design your logo before you even open for business. The bottom line is that the logo, a visual arrangement of text and graphics, symbolizes your corporate image to clients.

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