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Restaurants to Target Employees with 30-Minute Lunch Breaks

The lunch "hour" may be a concept of the past, new research from staffing firm OfficeTeam suggests. More than half of workers (56%) said their typical lunch break lasts 30 minutes or less.

Food Stores Can Lure Lunch Crowd with Healthy Deli Meats

"While breakfast may have earned the moniker of “the most important meal of the day,” lunch is a key meal for today’s busy consumers to keep their blood sugar up throughout the day. And with lunch meat a convenient source of protein, whether it’s eaten on a sandwich, in a salad or on its own, it should be a lunchtime staple, says Nielsen."

The science of the sale. The art of lunch.

Let’s do lunch! Well, let’s do lunch the right way. Too often salespeople think that getting a lunch appointment is the victory, and don’t concentrate on building rapport and the relationship to ultimately make the sale. Big mistake.

Restaurants Target Lunch Visitors with Speedy Service

A new Technomic report points out that lunchtime restaurant visitors value speedy service, convenience, and higher-quality food. Consumers regularly eat lunch away from home—a couple of days a week, on average. Operators have been focusing their efforts on gaining a larger share of visits during this highly competitive daypart.

Men Splurge on Lunch, Outspend Women on Average

Americans go out to eat for lunch an average of nearly twice a week and spend $10 per outing, or about $936 per year. Men typically outspend women on a weekly basis by 44%. The variation suggests the importance of employing several strategies for marketing lunch, including loyalty programs or value menus for frequent visitors, or new products and limited-time offers to entice occasional customers.