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Pickups Going Luxe: Luxury Shoppers Considering Full-Size Trucks

Jumpstart Automotive Media, a leading media, insights, and marketing solutions company, today released its February shopper interest data results, showing how much luxury-oriented consumers are now cross-shopping full-size pickup trucks. In February, the full-size pickup truck segment climbed four spots from last year and now represents the third most-shopped segment, the highest it’s ever been according to Jumpstart.

Who Tops Out in Cars​.com Luxury Sports Sedan Challenge?

Experts from Cars​.com, Inc. tested model-year 2017 cars from the highly competitive luxury sports sedan segment in order to rank the options available to shoppers. After extensive road and track testing by three experts and one consumer in the market for a new car in the class, the Audi A4 came out as the top performer, earning the title of Best Luxury Sports Sedan of 2017.

As More Automakers Enter SUV Space, Questions of Access and Exclusivity Arise

"Italy’s Maserati is the latest automaker to create an upscale SUV, but is such a vehicle viable for brands in the luxury tier?" Forrest Cardamenis asked. "The Maserati Levante is the brand’s first SUV and follows the release of Bentley’s Bentayga. Consumer desire for SUVs is growing and other brands have models in production, but the segment can present problems with positioning and image."

Mercedes-Benz is Most Effective Luxury Automotive Brand of 2015

Ace Metrix reveals the top luxury automotive brands and ads of 2015. Mercedes-Benz performs admirably overall and across components, including desire, attention, perception change and information.

Premium Car Demand Remains Healthy

Premium car and utility vehicle demand pushed automakers' revenues to a record $52 billion in May 2015. New light vehicle ATP is up 4% from a year-ago's level. TrueCar, Inc. finds that May‰Ûªs average transaction price for new vehicles was likely a record high for the month