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Magazines Are Shifting to Content that Resonates with Readers

Like many tra­di­tion­al media sec­tors, mag­a­zine pub­lish­ers have had to adjust to a chang­ing world. And now, there are a few pub­lish­ers who seem to have found their way into prof­itable pub­lish­ing in the dig­i­tal era.

62% of Consumers Enjoy Print Magazines, But Digital Readership is Growing

We con­sumers have our guilty plea­sures. One of them is read­ing mag­a­zines, both online and in print. The new Mequo­da Con­sumer Mag­a­zine study shows who is read­ing what type of mag­a­zine.

Magazine Launches Up 21% in 2014

Samir Hus­ni, the direc­tor of the Mag­a­zine Inno­va­tion Cen­ter at the Uni­ver­si­ty of Mis­sis­sip­pi, count­ed 234 mag­a­zine launch­es in 2014 ‰ÛÓ up 21% from the 185 launched a year ear­li­er. The one-time book-a-zines and annu­als added 621 titles, although the cat­e­go­ry is down by 32 titles from 2013.

Mobile Magazine Content Access Up 90%

The Mag­a­zine Media 360° Brand Audi­ence Report, released by MPA — The Asso­ci­a­tion of Mag­a­zine Media — shows a 90% jump in mobile access this fall. In addi­tion, print/digital edi­tion demand increased 2.1%.

Marketers Reaching Out to Spanish-Language Magazine Readers

Pew Research indi­cates that 37 mil­lion U.S. con­sumers speak Span­ish. Many of these con­sumers aren’t com­fort­able read­ing in anoth­er lan­guage, espe­cial­ly Eng­lish. They’re turn­ing to Spanish-language pub­li­ca­tions in a big way and that trend is dri­ving adver­tis­ers to spend more in this media for­mat.

Advertisers Connect with Consumers through Hobby Magazines

The con­sumer mag­a­zine mar­ket is expe­ri­enc­ing huge shifts in the way audi­ences pay for and access con­tent. The Asso­ci­a­tion of Mag­a­zine Media reports that the industry’s ad rev­enue rose a mere 1.1% in 2013 while ad pages dropped 4.1%. How­ev­er, some titles fare bet­ter than oth­ers, even in the print mar­ket, and ana­lysts believe that adver­tis­ers would do well to tar­get unique audi­ences through hob­by mag­a­zines.

Magazines Changing Strategy to Reach Latinas

Lati­nas are a grow­ing eco­nom­ic force in the U.S. mar­ket­place with con­trol over 86% of the $1.2 tril­lion spent annu­al­ly by the His­pan­ic demo­graph­ic. Mag­a­zine pub­lish­ers and mar­keters are spend­ing plen­ty of time and mon­ey focus­ing on this group. In the past, con­tent and mar­ket­ing mes­sages have been pub­lished in Span­ish but as more Lati­nas are now speak­ing flu­ent Eng­lish, the strat­e­gy may need to change.

Marketers Returning to Magazines

With lux­u­ry shop­pers ven­tur­ing back into the mar­ket, mag­a­zine pub­lish­ers are feel­ing opti­mistic. Sev­er­al pub­lish­ers have report­ed ris­ing demand for ad pages. The demand, and ad mon­ey, is com­ing from both domes­tic and inter­na­tion­al brands, espe­cial­ly those in the fash­ion sec­tor.

Media Companies to Shape Content and Ads to Fit the Digital Consumer

2012 has not been a great year for mag­a­zine pub­lish­ers as they strug­gle to find the right bal­ance between print and dig­i­tal for­mats. Many indus­try lead­ers, includ­ing Time, have seen their ad rev­enues drop sig­nif­i­cant­ly. But the new head of that com­pa­ny sees promise in using con­sumer data to pro­mote bet­ter dig­i­tal ad ser­vices to mar­keters. If she’s right, more mag­a­zines could fol­low suit.

Magazine Readership Trends Digital

On the sur­face, the num­bers look bad. Magna Glob­al had pre­dict­ed ear­li­er this year that 2012 ad rev­enues for mag­a­zines would drop 5.9%. Then there’s the drop in tra­di­tion­al print mag­a­zine read­er­ship to wor­ry about. But a look at the details shows there’s rea­son for some opti­mism.

Digital-Only Magazine Audience Continues to Grow

Mag­a­zine pub­lish­ers con­tin­ue to roll out both tra­di­tion­al and dig­i­tal ver­sions of their pub­li­ca­tions. While some con­sumers may be read­ing their favorite glossy in both for­mats, oth­ers are devot­ed sole­ly to the online chan­nel. Adver­tis­ers need to know the size of this audi­ence and for the first time, GfK MRI is mak­ing that data avail­able.

Digital Magazine Marketers to Up Interactive Features in Ads

Now that more con­sumers are migrat­ing from their hard copy glossy mag­a­zines to a dig­i­tal for­mat on a device such as an iPad, mar­keters want to know – are con­sumers engaged by adver­tise­ments that appear on dig­i­tal devices? A new study fund­ed by Adobe and car­ried out by an inde­pen­dent researcher finds that the inter­ac­tive ads have a pos­i­tive effect on con­sumers.

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