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Magazines Are Shifting to Content that Resonates with Readers

Like many traditional media sectors, magazine publishers have had to adjust to a changing world. And now, there are a few publishers who seem to have found their way into profitable publishing in the digital era.

62% of Consumers Enjoy Print Magazines, But Digital Readership is Growing

We consumers have our guilty pleasures. One of them is reading magazines, both online and in print. The new Mequoda Consumer Magazine study shows who is reading what type of magazine.

Magazine Launches Up 21% in 2014

Samir Husni, the director of the Magazine Innovation Center at the University of Mississippi, counted 234 magazine launches in 2014 ‰ÛÓ up 21% from the 185 launched a year earlier. The one-time book-a-zines and annuals added 621 titles, although the category is down by 32 titles from 2013.

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Mobile Magazine Content Access Up 90%

The Magazine Media 360° Brand Audience Report, released by MPA — The Association of Magazine Media — shows a 90% jump in mobile access this fall. In addition, print/digital edition demand increased 2.1%.

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Marketers Reaching Out to Spanish-Language Magazine Readers

Pew Research indicates that 37 million U.S. consumers speak Spanish. Many of these consumers aren’t comfortable reading in another language, especially English. They’re turning to Spanish-language publications in a big way and that trend is driving advertisers to spend more in this media format.

Advertisers Connect with Consumers through Hobby Magazines

The consumer magazine market is experiencing huge shifts in the way audiences pay for and access content. The Association of Magazine Media reports that the industry’s ad revenue rose a mere 1.1% in 2013 while ad pages dropped 4.1%. However, some titles fare better than others, even in the print market, and analysts believe that advertisers would do well to target unique audiences through hobby magazines.

Magazines Changing Strategy to Reach Latinas

Latinas are a growing economic force in the U.S. marketplace with control over 86% of the $1.2 trillion spent annually by the Hispanic demographic. Magazine publishers and marketers are spending plenty of time and money focusing on this group. In the past, content and marketing messages have been published in Spanish but as more Latinas are now speaking fluent English, the strategy may need to change.

Marketers Returning to Magazines

With luxury shoppers venturing back into the market, magazine publishers are feeling optimistic. Several publishers have reported rising demand for ad pages. The demand, and ad money, is coming from both domestic and international brands, especially those in the fashion sector.

Media Companies to Shape Content and Ads to Fit the Digital Consumer

2012 has not been a great year for magazine publishers as they struggle to find the right balance between print and digital formats. Many industry leaders, including Time, have seen their ad revenues drop significantly. But the new head of that company sees promise in using consumer data to promote better digital ad services to marketers. If she’s right, more magazines could follow suit.

Magazine Readership Trends Digital

On the surface, the numbers look bad. Magna Global had predicted earlier this year that 2012 ad revenues for magazines would drop 5.9%. Then there’s the drop in traditional print magazine readership to worry about. But a look at the details shows there’s reason for some optimism.

Digital-Only Magazine Audience Continues to Grow

Magazine publishers continue to roll out both traditional and digital versions of their publications. While some consumers may be reading their favorite glossy in both formats, others are devoted solely to the online channel. Advertisers need to know the size of this audience and for the first time, GfK MRI is making that data available.

Digital Magazine Marketers to Up Interactive Features in Ads

Now that more consumers are migrating from their hard copy glossy magazines to a digital format on a device such as an iPad, marketers want to know – are consumers engaged by advertisements that appear on digital devices? A new study funded by Adobe and carried out by an independent researcher finds that the interactive ads have a positive effect on consumers.

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