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Half of SMB Owners Lack a Marketing Plan

Have you been met with the sound of silence after you ask prospects what their marketing plan is? This is the perfect opportunity for you to sell them advertising and marketing services.

SMBs Seeking Outside Marketing Help

Most small business owners have limited financial resources and little spare time. Constant Contact calls these entrepreneurs the quintessential do-it-yourselfers. The firm's new survey on SMB owners shows they have come up the learning curve on digital marketing very well but they would love to outsource specific tasks, especially social media.

Directories to Expand Services Offered to SMBs

Most traditional media companies have changed their strategies and business models to better compete in the digital age. Directory companies are no exception. These businesses have always relied on businesses to pay for upgraded listings in order to generate revenue, but in today’s digital environment, directory publishers are branching out into marketing services and targeting small and medium-size businesses (SMBs) in new ways.