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How to Fix Your Fatal Meeting Flaws

What are we meeting about? You may be regularly hearing this question from the people who attend your meetings.

Is Your Leadership Truly Agile?

Establishing an agile organization is one way to ensure that your employees use their talents and energy to benefit the bottom line. In the most productive organizations, agility starts with leadership.

How to Lead an Agile Revolution at Your Company

In their new book, Talent Wins, Dominic Barton, Dennis Carey and Ram Charan argue that the speed of business today requires agility in the c‑suite. Here’s what they mean.

Are You On Track to be an Exceptional CEO?

In a newly released study, McKinsey analysts say the best CEOs share a few characteristics. It all comes down to how far you're willing to go to improve the company's bottom line.

Quick Tips to Make Your Next Reorganization a Success

Did you know only 23% of companies rate their reorganizations a success? That means over 75% of business leaders who’ve rolled out a reorganization have given themselves a failing grade.

How to Break Out of Your Old-School Performance Appraisal System

A new McKinsey report indicates 90% of companies are still using appraisal systems that were designed to measure output in a factory environment. This is no way to treat your talented team.

Are Your Managers Developing These 4 Essential Talents?

If you want to bring your organization to the next level, your managers will need training on 4 specific leadership behaviors identified by McKinsey analysts. Here's what they should focus on.