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Engagement Measurement Tools Proving Popular for Online Marketers

Mar­keters are still look­ing for the right way to mea­sure ROI for online brand­ing ini­tia­tives. Falling back on the usu­al meth­ods means that mar­keters are fail­ing to take the full val­ue of total dis­play and video ads into account. Ana­lysts at eMar­keters are rec­om­mend­ing some addi­tion­al tech­niques that should help mar­keters improve their mea­sure­ment process.

Marketers Resolve to Improve ROI Measurement Tools

If there’s one les­son mer­chants have learned from the recent reces­sion, it’s that they must mea­sure return on invest­ment (ROI) to track and improve prof­itabil­i­ty. Mer­chants are espe­cial­ly keen on mea­sur­ing the ROI on their mar­ket­ing invest­ments. But good data on spe­cif­ic types of mar­ket­ing remains elu­sive.

New Marketing Measurement Cycles Seen Speeding Up

Core­met­rics calls its new study “The Face of the New Mar­keter”. The title calls atten­tion to the fact that more com­pa­nies are shift­ing resources to online mar­ket­ing. As this shift occurs, mar­keters can’t be sure if their efforts are pay­ing off or if they could be more suc­cess­ful with their online strate­gies. It’s an impor­tant top­ic to con­sid­er as mar­keters con­tin­ue to face a dif­fi­cult mar­ket­place.