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Media Companies Scoring More Revenue from Online-Only Enterprises

When online-only businesses first started operating, it wasn’t clear how these marketers would need to promote themselves. Could they survive by using only digital promotions, or would they need to turn to traditional media to build their core audience? In a recent Wall Street Journal article, Suzanne Vranica highlights Kantar Media data which shows that while these businesses promote themselves online, TV media companies are scoring some big revenue from online advertisers.

Media Companies to Make Events Part of Ongoing Revenue Model

Media companies are focused on delivering information to their audiences. In the old days, it was all about printed editions. Today, there’s an emphasis on expertise in all things digital. Some media companies are going an extra step to bring in revenue and connect with their audiences – it’s all about conferences and other events according to a recent New York Times article.

Local Media Firms to Court Marketers, Audiences with New Strategies

With the media sales landscape in a state of continued turmoil and disintermediation, local companies are looking for the best and most profitable way to gain an edge on the competition. NetNewsCheck has compiled a list of what’s in store for the year ahead for small media companies as they court marketers and audiences.

Digital News Sites to Increase Ad Revenue Through Targeting

Most industry experts agree that legacy media companies, especially those that deliver news to consumers, are finding it difficult to transition ad revenue streams from traditional to digital platforms. Researchers point to 2 key problems news organizations are wrestling with as disintermediation in the marketplace continues – a loss of advertisers that used to promote their products and services in old media and a failure to effectively use new technology.

Media Companies to Segregate Online and TV News Audience Data for Marketers

Media companies have been rapidly rolling out platforms to appeal to a wider range of marketers. These newer platforms, especially those with digital reach are designed to attract the attention of younger consumers. But new information from Nielsen indicates that one form of traditional media, TV, still attracts significant numbers of 18–34 year olds, a key demographic group for many marketers.