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How to Help Your Clients Take Back Marketing

Marketing was long thought of as an art form. Now that the digital era is here to stay, marketing professionals are struggling to meet new kinds of goals.

Nearly Half of Marketers Need Help With Media Mix

It’s a challenge every business owner faces. How much of their marketing budget should be spent on branding versus short-term promotions?

Only 48% of B2C Businesses Use Marketing Mix Models

Businesses are scratching their heads about marketing mix. Should they use more digital? More mobile? And how often should they adjust their budgets?

Shifting Media Use Leads Marketers to Adjust Ad Budgets

There’s been speculation about how much of the marketing budget should be shifted from traditional to digital platforms. Currently, about 25% of all ad spending is digital. While some consumers clearly spend more than 25% of their media time online, others are still glued to traditional TV. For marketers that want to align their ad spending with consumer attention to various media formats, it’s worth considering how the media time is divided up.

Media Mix Modifications Coming for B2B

B2B marketers are struggling to stay current with the changes in marketing strategy and technology. In particular, some BtoB marketers continue to employ tactics which are no longer providing big returns. These are the findings from the Crain’s BtoB Magazine and Bizo survey that was published last month.

Retailers to Adjust Digital Media Mix in 2012

There’s little doubt that retailers will expand their online marketing efforts as more commerce shifts to that channel. For industry analysts, the challenge is how to determine which online formats will capture the largest share of retailer advertising dollars. A new survey by Bronto suggests that retailers will be making some changes in 2012.

Merchants Adjust Marketing to Match Media Consumption

A close look at the numbers that have been tallied up for 2010 can tell us about the recovery in the ad market. The numbers can also indicate what marketers think about which media channels deserve a higher percentage of the ad budget. Most experts have been impressed with the rapid growth of the online ad sector. But eMarketer analysts suggest that this channel should gain even more of the ad dollar to match the amount of time consumers spend online.

Automakers to Optimize Media Mix for Improved ROI

Marketers are working harder than ever these days to reach consumers with their promotional messages. But consumers have found more channels to engage with — like social networks and mobile phones. As ad budgets continue to be squeezed, smart marketers are taking a closer look at their media mix and optimizing their spending to lower costs and improve results.

SMBs Expanding Their Media Mix

Small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) know they need to advertise to increase sales. But the amount of money SMBs allocate for advertising and the way the budget is distributed across media channels varies significantly. In a recent study, BIA/Kelsey identified a separate group called SMB Plus Spenders.

Interactive Takes Larger Share of Optimal Marketing Mix

When developing the right media mix for an ad campaign, marketers must take into account the basic principles that connect spending and sales increases. However, an optimal media mix also depends on market conditions and the industry in which a business operates. A recently published study released by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) finds that the proper balance of online and offline media in an ad campaign can spur sales but rates of return may vary across industries.