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Here's How Google's SEO Hawk Update Helps You and Your Clients

It’s not nice to fool search engine giant, Google. In fact, the tech company will try to get even. That’s what happened when SEO whizzes tweaked their strategies to get better placement on Google’s search results pages.  

Have Your Grocery Store Clients Updated Their Circular Strategy?

Grocers are encountering a new shopping era. They’ve shifted their product mix. They’re going digital. And, Aptaris research published by Dunhumby indicates theses changes have big implications for the grocery store circular and other ad formats.

What IT Buyers Want From Marketers

Do you know what your IT marketers should be doing to promote their products and services?

Out-of-Home Rules as Driver of Online Search

As Kantar MillwardBrown research shows, what consumers see in one format should be reinforced in another format. When that happens, consumers' increased engagement leads to higher revenue.

Are Your Clients Balancing Ad Integration with Customization?

Over half of folks believe ads fit well across formats, and they think ads tell good stories. These findings bode well. But, about 70% of people say ads are everywhere now.

Are Your Clients Spending Enough on Traditional Ads?

While the experts are all excited about shiny new media objects, the rest of us are commuting to work, waiting on customers at the store counter, or cleaning house. At the same time, we're also using traditional media.

Are Your Clients' Ads Connecting with the Wrong Cultural Touchstones?

Creative advertising has long relied on humor and references to cultural touchstones to connect with audiences. As we’ve been reminded over the past several years, humor often comes at the expense of a group which is being "othered" and may have a history of being harassed and victimized.

SMBs Express Record Optimism, More Interest in Digital Advertising

At the end of 2017, the small business optimism index stood at 104.8. The only other time the index has been nearly this high was in 2004, when it reached 104.6.

TV Advertising to Increase by 2.7% in 2018

There are a number of reasons for TV media sellers to cheer the arrival of 2018. Being an even-numbered year, the cyclical advertisers will return in a big way.

Are Your Clients’ Hispanic-Targeted Ads Making Their Mark?

With Hispanic consumers now accounting for 18% of the U.S. population, your clients should think about how they want to connect with these shoppers. New research from Kantar Media shows that Hispanics control 10% of U.S. spending.

Radio to Win 6.6% of Political Ad Dollars in 2018

If you’re selling radio, you need to know which segments are likely to grow this year. Analysts are predicting that you'll do best by focusing on automotive, food service and the political operators in your market. Here are the details.

Print Circulars to Remain Core Marketing Format

Smartphone screens may be capturing the attention of more consumers, but printed circulars still bring shoppers through the doors of traditional stores. Nielsen researchers conclude that up to 80% of U.S. households rely on this old-school marketing tool to plan their shopping trips.

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