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Successful B2B Operators Spend 40% of Marketing Budget on Content

B2B operators have been busy refining their content marketing strategy this year. As they see the improved ROI from their focused effort on content, the vast majority of B2B companies will expand their use of the format in 2018. Here’s a preview of what to expect, based on the B2B Content Marketing 2018 report from the Content Marketing Institute and its partners.

How Easy Is It for Your Clients To Buy Cross-Channel From You?

Analysts say if media companies want to maximize the value of the ad space they are selling, they need to make it easier for clients to buy traditional and digital at the same time. The shift from mass marketing to audience targeting in the TV space is another trouble spot for clients. In its new report, The Future of TV, SinTecMedia explains what you need to know to persuade prospects to advertise with you.

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NEW! Monthly Sell Smarter! Award Video Features Co-op

Marketing Consultant Arnold Bernardino had been hunting down new business for KETK-NBC/Nexstar in Tyler, Texas. He was hot on the trail of his local Kawasaki retailer but was getting some pushback. We welcome you to this month’s featured Sell SMARTER! Award — where we honor excellence in media SALES.

Ad Market Growth Seen as Steady, but Slow

With the first quarter of 2013 now behind us, large media industry forecasters are issuing their revised guidance for the rest of the year. Yesterday, I blogged about ZenithOptimedia’s new outlook. MagnaGlobal’s new release for the U.S. is similarly optimistic with a 0.4% rise predicted for core media owners in 2013 and a 3.8% jump for 2014.

Mobile Map Services to be Funded by Location-Based Advertising

While smartphone users may have complained about Apple’s misstep with the maps portion of the latest iPhone, there’s a lot more at stake here than personal inconvenience. Maps represent a portion of the growing location-based search (LBS) market. Consumer and ad spending for LBS are predicted to soar through 2017.

Magazine Titles To Connect with TV Channels

Traditional magazines have experienced a rough ad market since the twin forces of tablets and the recession rattled the economy. As a result of falling ad revenues, magazine publishers are rethinking their business models. Increasingly, this means joining forces with other media channels.

Expensive Media Formats Come Under Closer Scrutiny in 2012

According to many recently published reports, the recession is over. Not so fast, say marketers who participated in recent Association of National Advertisers surveys. Business conditions may be improving, but marketers intend to keep tight fiscal control over ad spending.

More Consumers Distrust Media

If a record number of consumers have no trust in traditional media to report the truth, should marketers be worried? According to Gallup poll figures, well over half, 57%, of American consumers don’t believe what they hear on the news. The newly released number is a record high. Marketers must wonder if consumer distrust will yield an audience that pays less attention to mass media and the ads that appear in these formats.

May 2010 Ad-ology Insights

The Ad-ology Insights May 2010 video briefing includes the Mirren New Business Conference wrap-up, data from the CMO Council State of Marketing report and Industry Marketing Insights on landscaping & lawn services.

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