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80% of Men Now Using Scented Products

The 2014 Men’s FragranceTrack Report from NPD shows 80% of men use scented products. Those who use cologne are also likely to use scented body products. Men have grown comfortable buying these products for themselves and are open to new fragrances. Their purchase decisions are influenced by a number of factors including price and the preferences of their romantic partners for a specific scent.

Study Recommends Osteoporosis Screening for Men over Age 50

On October 20th, we celebrated World Osteoporosis Day. U.S. consumers are likely to believe osteoporosis is a women’s issue. But, the National Osteoporosis Foundation (NOF) is emphasizing that men, too, suffer from thinning bones as they age. And, a new survey shows men are often under-treated for weakening bones.

More Men Shopping, Making Brand Choices

Men are becoming household helpers, a big change from household engagement meaning coming home for dinner now and then. According to a new study, as men become more involved with household duties, they are also becoming more involved in shopping and brand choices. In making those choices, men get their cues from a variety of sources, but friends and family still wield the most influence.

Evolving Gender Roles Make Men Huge Opportunity for Grocers

According to a new study, 52% of primary male shoppers in the U.S. are personally responsible for about 78% of all groceries purchased for their household in the last month, so they represent a huge financial opportunity for retailers ready to respond with customized products and services. The new study also reveals six types of male mission-oriented shopping trips and male shopper archetypes based on evolving gender roles and shopping behavior.

More Men Adopting Skin Care Habits

More men are participating in a skin care regime. A new report on the male grooming sector from Mintel reveals that some 58% of men aged 18–24 and 63% of those 25–34 report that they use a facial moisturizing product. This is in stark contrast to the 32% of those aged 55–64 and 29% of men over 65 from other age demographics claiming to do the same thing.

Movie Promoters To Target Men Through Mobile

Newly-released films face a lot of competition for an audience. After all, consumers can choose from a variety of entertainment options – other movies, sporting events, or live concerts. But movie promoters may have found the best way to increase the chances that consumers will buy tickets to their production: the smartphone.

Affluent Men to Drive Mobile Campaigns for Luxury Products

Men have reputation for being non-shoppers. Maybe it’s the new high-tech tools men have at their disposal, the effects of great new ad campaigns – or a combination of the two – but things have changed. Today’s men are the new hot prospects, especially for luxury marketers.

Men to be Targeted by Social Media Campaigns

Many researchers might assume that women use social media networks at higher rates than men but that would be a mistake. In a few key categories, men are the heavy social media users. Understanding what drives this behavior can help marketers successfully target men through social media campaigns.

Men Playing More Active Role in Making Purchase Decisions

Modern men are playing a greater role in family life these days and are no pushovers when it comes to making purchase decisions. According to a new survey by Jacobs Media, 59.1% of men considered themselves either the sole or key decision-maker in the household, compared with 55.7% of women. Even for smaller items (under $500), such as clothes, electronics and entertainment, 69.2% of men were the sole or key decision-makers.

Men Represent Growing Target for Marketers of Body Wash Products

According to a recent Mintel survey, when shopping for soap, bath and shower products, scent and moisturization are cited most often as influencing purchase decisions. Thirty-eight percent of Mintel respondents who have purchased soap say their decision is based mainly on scent, while 35% say they prefer shower products with extra moisturizers. While this segment is often targeted towards women, men are starting to make a substantial impact. Men between the ages of 18–34 report the highest usage of body wash at 58%, compared to 50% of those ages 35–54 and 42% of those who are 55+. Although women are still key purchasers, “men represent a key demographic for sales of body wash products and marketers of these products should attempt to gain the attention of men to boost their sales,” says Kat Fay, senior beauty analyst at Mintel.

Men Slower to Adopt Social Media

In yesterday’s post, I mentioned research by Epsilon that indicated the noticeably lower social media use rates for men, especially when compared to women. A new study by Ipsos OTX reveals that men do like to stay in touch with friends. But they have different ways of communicating. This information could prove valuable to marketers trying to reach guys of all ages.