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Marketers to Target Specific Demographic Groups with Mobile Ads

Mobile ads are still considered a relatively new ad format. Currently, only about half the U.S. population has a smart phone so the mobile ads that many consumers see resemble text messages. But marketers on the leading edge are using more sophisticated ad formats to reach mobile consumers. And their efforts are making a bigger impression on specific demographic groups.

Mobile Marketing to Boom in 2011

In a blog entry I posted earlier this week, I noted that more companies will move beyond the experimentation phase in social media marketing and make a serious effort to monetize this channel in 2011. The same holds true for mobile marketing. Advertisers will spend between $1–2 billion marketing to consumers via mobile devices this year. In Mobile Outlook 2011, analysts at Mobile Marketer consider the opportunities and challenges facing vendors and marketers in this growing channel.

Mobile Advertisers to Watch Fill Rates and Ad Network Response Times as Format Grows

Estimates and projections about the size of the U.S. mobile advertising market continue to roll in. Even research shops in Europe are watching the U.S. ad market closely and point out that the U.S. mobile ad market, pegged at $797 million in 2010 is the second largest in the world. Only Japan’s mobile ad market is larger. With predictions that the U.S. mobile ad market will reach $5.04 billion in 2015, what should the typical large marketer budget for mobile? Smaato’s white paper on this topic provides some answers.

Location-Based Ad Spending to Surge

Location-based advertising has become one of the buzzwords for 2010. The industry is growing so quickly that ABI Research predicts spending will reach $1.8 billion in 2015. But how exactly will this spending take place? ABI Research’s new Location Based Marketing report has some answers.

Local mobile ad market poised to soar with SMB adoption

Borrell Associates, local media market experts, are bullish on local mobile marketing for 2010. And the firm’s analysts expect to see a rapid growth trajectory between now and 2015. Basically, the firm is looking for local mobile marketing to ramp up from $600 million in 2010 to $14.6 billion in 2015. At the same time, the national mobile marketing volume may reach $42 billion in 2015, marking a phenomenal growth rate from the expected 2010 level of $14.9 billion.

Businesses and Brands Allocating More Funds to Mobile

Yesterday, I blogged about the expected growth rates in mobile marketing and how specific age groups find some mobile ad types more appealing than others. Many industry watchers expect 2010 to be the ‘break-out’ year for mobile marketing. As a result, DM2PRO and Mojiva recently polled industry professionals regarding their planned use of mobile marketing in 2010.

Mobile Advertising Acceptance/Usefulness Varies by Age Group

As smart phone usage continues to rise – the penetration rate is now at 30% — marketers are looking for the best way to reach consumers who are spending more time connecting with information on the go. Ad spending in this sector is expected to reach nearly $593 million in 2010. And according to eMarketer, ad revenue is projected to grow through 2013 as follows:

Growth in Mobile Marketing Linked to ROI Challenges

Market watchers have been waiting for the breakout year in mobile advertising. According to Forrester projections, spending on this medium should increase from $391 million in 2009 to $561 million in 2010. While the overall numbers are still small in comparison to total interactive marketing spending, estimated to reach $29 billion in 2010, the 43% growth rate makes mobile an exciting category.

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