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What are the Most Effective Mobile Ad Formats?

An average of 22.3% of companies’ digital advertising budget is put toward mobile in-app ads, according to a study by PubMatic. Additionally, another 22.2% is allocated toward mobile web ads. But do either of those come as a surprise to you? With how glued to our hands our mobile devices seem to be, it only makes sense that businesses should be allocating a significant amount of their digital funds to mobile advertising.

67% of Consumers Plan to Download Mobile Games This Year

Fort Mason Games, a female-led gaming company that designs mobile games to help players relax and de-stress, announced survey results in honor of National Download Day. National Download Day marks the time period when the most apps are downloaded in the entire year; as Americans get smartphones for holiday gifts, they often re-download their apps and broaden their horizons with new ones. Fort Mason Games' larger mission is to revolutionize mobile games, fostering connection and collaboration instead of competition.

How to Help Clients Measure Mobile App Success

Mobile apps can be effective marketing tools. But, businesses need to understand how to optimize their use of apps. The latest research from AppsFlyer can help.

Bricks-and-Mortar Stores Should Be Marketing Their Mobile Apps

"Any all-digital business can benefit from adding an app to the marketing mix," Nabeena Mali writes for AppInstitute. "But bricks-and-sticks businesses can enjoy equal – even greater – gains. With tech ever-advancing and developers getting ever more creative, this list barely scratches the surface."

Shoppers Seeking Quality Mobile Apps

Analysts have been predicting a mobile shopping boom as more consumers spend time with their smartphones and tablets. Contact Solutions, in its Mobile Shopper Cliffhanger report, points out that consumers have high expectations for the online shopping experience. They’re increasingly relying on mobile apps to deliver the convenience and deals they’re looking for.

Affluent Consumers Driving Local Search App Use

Mobile is responsible for an increasing share of traffic to local search apps—like Citysearch, YellowPages​.com and Yelp—as users turn to the app directories for on-the-go information. New research from the Local Search Association and comScore found that U.S. smartphone users who accessed internet yellow page mobile apps (IYP users) were highly likely to be affluent consumers.

Retailers To Develop, Promote Mobile Apps

As consumers spend more time engaging with their smartphones, retailers are looking for ways to engage with them. These days, larger retailers are spending as much as $30,000 to develop mobile apps. But the real challenge is getting consumers to pay attention to these apps.

More Mobile App Marketers Expected to Move to ‘Freemium’ Model

As smartphone adoption continues to soar in the U.S., with approximately 60 million users, more marketers are developing and producing apps. The app market is evolving as it grows. Consumers are showing preferences for some apps over others. And while the amount consumers are willing to pay for an app is falling, marketers are finding other ways to make money from their development efforts. These changes will impact the way marketers promote their apps as well.

More Marketers May Choose Mobile News and Weather Apps

The mobile ad market is predicted to grow quickly in the next several years. As more consumers use Internet or email enabled mobile devices, more marketers will roll out campaigns to reach their target audiences. Will advertising on a specific type of mobile app yield better results than the alternative? Curious marketers will probably be checking out and perhaps implementing new campaigns based on the graphical analysis recently published by Flurry.