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Are Video Display Ads Worth Your Clients' Money?

With all the damage ad fraudsters have been causing programmatically transacted digital ads, online display advertisers just want to know that their ads are still being delivered to real people at the time and place they paid for. As luck would have it, Integral Ad Science’s H2 2018 U.S. Media Quality Report has good news for you to share with your display ad using clients.

What are the Most Effective Mobile Ad Formats?

An average of 22.3% of companies’ digital advertising budget is put toward mobile in-app ads, according to a study by PubMatic. Additionally, another 22.2% is allocated toward mobile web ads. But do either of those come as a surprise to you? With how glued to our hands our mobile devices seem to be, it only makes sense that businesses should be allocating a significant amount of their digital funds to mobile advertising.

Online Publishers to Roll Out, Sell More Mobile Display Ad Space

With consumer interest in the mobile space showing no signs of slowing down, publishers are scrambling to get inventory up and ready to sell. In the rush, the emphasis is mostly on display ads. While consumers have noted that this format is not as persuasive as others, publishers want to have something to offer marketers who are anxious to connect with shoppers.