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Mobile's Role in the Future of Digital Advertising

Are your clients heavily invested in internet-based advertising? If so, they’ve definitely made all of their ads mobily compatible, right? … right?

Here Are the Internet Devices to Pair with TV Campaigns

Desktop is no longer a medium that is growing in effectiveness for integrated advertising campaigns, but here's what your clients can use instead.

New Video! Q1 2014 Marketing Forecast Focuses on Small Business Marketing

The first quarter 2014 edition of the Ad-ology Marketing Forecast focuses on the 2014 Small Business Marketing Forecast, featuring findings from the 6th annual Ad-ology Research study. SMB Optimism, Ad Spending Increases, Email and Mobile Marketing are featured topics.

Publishers Aim to Crowd Out Networks in Mobile Ad Marketplace

There’s a battle brewing in the mobile ad marketplace. Both ad networks and private publishers are competing for a share of marketer spending. While ad networks remain important, analysts believe private publishers are becoming increasingly powerful in this space.

Marketers to Target Affluents with Apps, Ads on Mobile Devices

Consumers with household incomes exceeding $250,000 may be the target of higher tax rates but they are also a key audience for marketers. Nearly 7 million U.S. adults enjoy these high income levels; however, they aren’t identical with respect to media use. Marketers who target affluents by age group and in specific environments will have the best success in getting their messages through.

Consumers Warming to Mobile Marketing

Consumers are using their mobile devices for everything from talking to texting to shopping. As a result, marketers are set to make mobile their top priority this year. But, they should know that less is more when it comes to connecting with customers in this format, especially for mobile phones.

Ad-blocking Apps to Challenge Rise of Mobile Advertising

Consumers have DVRs to skip ads shown during their favorite TV shows, satellite channels to avoid promotions in radio, and now they’re downloading ad-blocking apps to their mobile phones. Is the end of the mobile ad industry already in sight?

SMBs to Increase Mobile Sign-up Campaigns

Small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) aren’t so different from the rest of marketers. These enterprises are very interested in using mobile campaigns but remain less impressed by the ROI metrics. SMBs also indicate they’ll increase their mobile effort next year and they have specific ideas about which formats work for them.

Movie Promoters Go Mobile to Reach African-Americans

In the past few years, researchers have discovered that emerging majorities such as Hispanics and African-Americans are heavy users of smartphones. Now, there’s a new study that shows the importance of the African-American demographic to movie marketers. As a result, mobile marketing programs promoting upcoming box office releases may prove to be an effective channel to reach this audience.

Consumer Smartphone Use to Drive Additional Online Marketing

As smartphone functionality continues to rapidly expand, consumers are making the devices a key part of their daily lives. A new survey shows that more consumers say “their smartphone is their life.” The popularity of many smartphone features is good news for some marketers, not so good news for others. And consumers also indicate they have a few concerns about this technology.

Merchants to Use Local Mobile Providers to Market to Connected Consumers

Marketers have long used local news content via traditional channels like TV and newspapers to reach consumers. But consumers are increasingly accessing their news on the go, especially via mobile phones or tablet computers. In one of yesterday’s blog posts, I highlighted figures from the NAA which showed that traditional newspaper, in both print and online formats, had lower penetration rates with younger age groups. However, some data shows that consumers who access local news via mobile devices are a good audience for media companies and marketers.

Marketers to Target Hispanics via Smartphones

The adoption of smartphones is rapidly increasing across the U.S. Over 1/3rd of all mobile phone users now have smartphone technology. And there’s one demographic group that has adopted mobile phones at an extremely high rate over the past 5 years: Hispanics. As a result, this demographic group is likely to become the target of

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