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The Effect of Programmatic on Digital Video Advertising

Approximately $59.431 billion expected to be spent on programmatic digital display advertising in the U.S. this year. Of that, eMarketer believes that $29.24 billion (or 49.2%) will be allocated to programmatic video. Programmatic video is expected to account for about half of programmatic digital display spending by 2021 and continue to grow from there.

Why Video Ads are Worth Your Client's Money

Are your clients still doubting the effectiveness of video ads? Well, that’s probably because they don’t know that videos broadcasted on YouTube have a 94% viewability rate in the U.S., according to Google.

What are the Most Effective Mobile Ad Formats?

An average of 22.3% of companies’ digital advertising budget is put toward mobile in-app ads, according to a study by PubMatic. Additionally, another 22.2% is allocated toward mobile web ads. But do either of those come as a surprise to you? With how glued to our hands our mobile devices seem to be, it only makes sense that businesses should be allocating a significant amount of their digital funds to mobile advertising.

Over Half of U.S. Video Starts Are Now Mobile

As more consumers adopt over-the-top (OTT) viewing, the more they'll consume digital video via mobile devices, reports Ooyala.

Which Medium is Driving 85% of Millennials to Make Purchases?

Did you know that 76% of adults over the age of 18 have made a purchase because of a video they watched?

Where Will Americans be Watching Their 81 Minutes of Video per Day?

Your clients’ ads can reach consumers who will be watching 81 minutes of video every day in 2019.

Short Video Clips Connect with More B2B Buyers

More than half of all digital video consumption occurred on smartphones in 2017, and, per NPD Group, streaming video took up a whopping 83% of total mobile data consumed. This sea change in user consumption patterns represents a huge opportunity for business-to-business brands to score points in the social media feeds of their customers and prospects, Adweek reports.

Mobile Video to Lag in Capturing Ad Revenue

U.S. consumers are turning to a range of devices to satisfy their desire to view video content. TV anywhere, anytime, means consumers are watching their favorite programming on smartphones, tablets, PCs and OTT-enabled television sets. As a result, marketers are buying more ads on video content but FreeWheel analysts say that monetization for mobile and OTT does not yet match the amount of time consumers are spending on these formats.

Consumer “Three Screen Time” Predicted to Grow

Last month I blogged about how video media oversupply is expected to drive down the value of the traditional TV ad market. I also hinted at how consumer consumption of three screens – TV, Internet and mobile is growing – but at some point will reach a limit. Nielsen’s Anywhere Anytime Media Measurement initiative for the second quarter of 2009 shows that consumers are still increasing screen time and one way they’re managing all of these inputs is through simultaneous usage.