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Here’s Who’s Buying Motorcycles Today

We know that more motorcycle owners these days are women, and now we know increasing percentages of all owners are married and college graduates, and they're generally older, according to the 2018 Motorcycle Industry Council Owner Survey.

Women Make up 14% of Motorcyclists in the U.S.

"'We are not surprised that female motorcycle ownership is at an all-time high, what with the work we’ve done to expand women’s presence in motorcycling,' reports Motoress. A survey (2015) done by the American Motorcycle Industry Council (MIC); Motorcycle Owner Survey found that women account for 14% of all U.S. motorcycle owners. This is up from the 8% reported in 1998. It’s really no surprise, that’s nearly two decades ago."

‘Get Out and Ride’ Event Gets the Deal Closed for AE" rel="bookmark"> Get Out and Ride’ Event Gets the Deal Closed for AE

Matt Centner’s account had been around the block – since 1975, to be exact – and historically did not invest much in local advertising. The Comcast Spotlight Pueblo account executive was all too familiar with the up-hill road battle this bike dealer waged in the Colorado community each day to keep its seat at the top.